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a large hall for holding exhibitions

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Also organised by Business France, the French Pavilion for Food and Drinks will occupy a total exhibition area of 834 sq m.
Life's Trading and Operations Director, Liz Dean, said:"This is an exciting time as we begin major works on a new exhibition area.
Columbia Plaza Exhibition Area, Columbia Plaza, 223 Ayiou Andreou Street, Limassol.
The organizational committee plans to increase the exhibition area to 15,000 sq m by 2019 upon construction of the contemporary exhibition facility.
Freshly cut lush green grass with flower beds are also strewn throughout the exhibition area.
During the official Closing Ceremony, Johnny Darmawan, Chairman of IIMS 2013 Committee, expressed his apology for the limited exhibition area in this year's IIMS.
For the first time in the five-year history of the exhibition, we have had to increase the exhibition area to 8,700 sq/m from last year's 6,000 sq/m to cater to the growing number of participants and visitors.
Mohammed Khalil Al Sayed, chairman of the Bipex organising committee, said: 'It is a matter of pride that the entire exhibition area which was initially earmarked has been sold out more than two months prior to the opening of Bipex 2008.
The new project will house a student centre, exhibition area, cafe, learning resource areas (quiet study and informal learning), retail areas, student facing faculty space for two faculties, teaching spaces and lecture spaces, and administration spaces.
It will have an arts and exhibition area, a bistro, meeting rooms and a youth hostel.
A curved entry pavilion at one end leads into the temporary exhibition area at ground level.
A valleys artist is celebrating a first by having his work displayed in a new exhibition area before anyone else.
The multi-purpose Exhibition Area now boasts 18-foot high theatrical ceiling as well as the latest Broadway lighting effects and showroom technologies.
According to the BIR, there should be a strong showing among exhibitors, as two-thirds of the exhibition area was pre-booked when the exhibitor programs were sent out.