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Synonyms for exhaustion

Synonyms for exhaustion

the condition of being extremely tired

Synonyms for exhaustion

serious weakening and loss of energy

the act of exhausting something entirely

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It was during one of these frequent periods of utter exhaustion that he heard the flap of dismal wings close above him.
Had he indeed been overcome by the sleep of exhaustion, or was Ska right--had death at last claimed that mighty body?
We said nothing on the subject to Lady Glyde, who was then lying asleep, completely overpowered by exhaustion, on the sofa in the sitting-room.
I was not present at the time, but I understood that the subject of dispute was the amount of nourishment which it was necessary to give to assist Miss Halcombe's convalescence after the exhaustion of the fever.
She looked with eager, hungry eyes at the bread and meat and beer that the landlady brought her, and for some minutes she forgot everything else in the delicious sensations of satisfying hunger and recovering from exhaustion.
But the exhaustion of his mind and body was such that he remained undisturbed.
More than once I sank down on the coal where no one could see me, and cried with rage, and mortification, and exhaustion, and despair.
Linton looked at me, but did not answer; and, after keeping her seat by his side another ten minutes, during which his head fell drowsily on his breast, and he uttered nothing except suppressed moans of exhaustion or pain, Cathy began to seek solace in looking for bilberries, and sharing the produce of her researches with me: she did not offer them to him, for she saw further notice would only weary and annoy.
Summary: Brazilia [Brazil], Jan 19 (ANI): Brazilian soccer legend Pele has been admitted to hospital after collapsing due to exhaustion.
Brazilian football great Pele has collapsed with exhaustion and been forced to cancel a long-planned trip to London this weekend, the Football Writers Association (FWA) said on Friday.
During the descent I faced acute difficulties due to exhaustion of my supplementary oxygen and fatigue.
While sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat stroke can occur at any time of the year, cases of heat-related illnesses are more common in Qatar during the summer months.
Emotional exhaustion refers to feelings of physical strain and psychological tiredness as a result of constant personal interactions.
Results showed that stressors such as Work Relationship, Work-Life Balance, Overload, Aspects of the Job and Pay and Benefit significantly predicted Emotional Exhaustion.
Mashlach Burnout Inventory (MBI) (which included 20 questions) was used to measure emotional exhaustion, and burnout.