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system consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged

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Under the terms of the agreement, CECO will provide custom engineering, analysis, design and modeling as well as sound acoustics, performance and construction of the exhaust system to meet the project specifications.
In May 2017, the new exhaust system was fitted to the aircraft, by then awaiting full repair in the town of Bex, followed by the last finishing touches in June.
Present work is focused on structural and dynamic response of exhaust system was analyzed using finite element analysis.
125 kW for a CMC ducted exhaust system with mixed flow fans, 25% lower despite the less efficient propeller fans and the added fan energy of the transfer fans.
While unpacking your new pipes take extra few minutes to inspect the exhaust system right after it gets out of the package to make sure there are no scratches, dents, or blemishes.
According to shops and owners we spoke with, a new exhaust system may or may not make it to the engine's TBO.
Automotive exhaust systems perform main three functions: channel exhaust gases out of the engine, reduce the noise generated by high-velocity exhaust gases, and clean up emissions that are harmful to the environment.
The third feature of an exhaust system are grease removal devices, which can take many forms, including grease filters and residue traps in grease ducts.
With so much hope invested in the facility, the choice of a laboratory exhaust system was obviously not a trivial assignment, but one that fell to Fred Tepfer, planning associate at the University of Oregon and the project planner responsible for the design of the two-building ISC facility.
The exhaust system was modified to provide higher flow; among the modifications are an increase in catalyst diameter, a decrease in catalyst cell density, an increase in the silencer flow rate, and the use of hydroforming for the A-pipe (which results in a smoother pipe).
First is our NORMACONNECT SEC (swivel joint exhaust pipe clamp) which is developed for the rear and centre section of the exhaust system.
Wet stacking can cause excessive carbon buildup in the exhaust system, cylinder wall glazing and stuck rings.
Among his topics are the semiconductor manufacturing facility, exhaust types and challenges, point-of-use devices close to the process equipment and their required exhaust lines, centralized wet scrubbers for a centralized acid exhaust system and a centralized ammonia exhaust system, centralized equipment to control volatile organic compounds, and emergency releases.
Usually, an exhaust system is in place to absorb the emissions from the air, but Beltech Engineering, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, went one better with its Travelair Exhaust System, which travels with the crane to manage the fumes at their origin.