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a manifold that receives exhaust gases from the cylinders and conducts them to the exhaust pipe

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Wescast does not currently produce the exhaust manifolds for the 2.
Wescast also was awarded another automotive contract from Ford to supply machined exhaust manifolds for the Ford 2.
Brantford, Ontario, Canada, has been chosen by the Chrysler Group to supply cast and machined iron exhaust manifolds for the 2.
TOM: I don't know that the tin would explode, but the exhaust manifold would heat the water enough to probably burst a seam in the can.
Use a tie-strap, NSN 5975-00-074-2072, lo pull the wiring harness away from the exhaust manifold.
The exhaust manifold contains an exhaust port for each exhaust port in the cylinder head, a flat machined surface on this manifold fits against a matching surface on the exhaust port area in the cylinder head.
You can open the bonnet and inspect the exhaust manifold for a crack ( where the exhaust pipe comes up from under the car and splits off into several parts to go into the engine.
Early assessments by firefighters suggest that the car had a faulty fuel line which had leaked petrol on the engine's exhaust manifold.
The nonwoven fabric is on the metal substrate's surface, facing the exhaust manifold and is made of one inorganic fiber.
An experimental "oxidation catalyst" filtering canister, or "Oxicat," that was installed inside the diesel engine's exhaust manifold on a high-horsepower long-haul locomotive.
6L direct injection V6 engine achieves all three by combining the exhaust manifold with the cylinder head into a single aluminum casting.
Over time, that water causes rust, resulting in holes and even splits in the exhaust manifold.
The intake manifold is composite; the exhaust manifold is cast iron.
The engine cuts emissions with two catalytic converters - one positioned near the exhaust manifold and another located under the floor, Honda said.
An experimental "oxidation catalyst" filtering canister, or "oxicat", was installed inside the diesel engine's exhaust manifold.