exhaust hood

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metal covering leading to a vent that exhausts smoke or fumes


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This is particularly true when the occupancy schedule of the adjacent space is not in sync with operation of the exhaust hood.
The current NFPA-96 Standard (1) and International Mechanical Code (2) require that a hood operate at full design airflows whenever full-load cooking activity occurs underneath an exhaust hood.
ISC is a National leader in Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning.
CAMBRIDGE, Ohio -- HoodMart's new Ventless Exhaust Hood System is changing the restaurant exhaust hood landscape.
Tenders are invited for Cleaning of kitchen exhaust hoods: Cleaning of exhaust hood, filters, related fans and duct work.
exhaust hood system with Ansul and makeup Air and a smaller 8 ft.
Fifteen foot exhaust hood and an in ground grease trap along with a Back of the House' that has everything you will need to be successful.
Contract notice for Execution, and commissioning - Delivery of the new filtering station, upgrading existing filtration stations, installation of exhaust hood and repacking places on both workplaces SUZE to reduce dust on Steel plant No.
Fume exhaust hood with associated roof mounted exhaust fan in ag-mechanics lab.
Certification of the exhaust hood degreasing and inspection shall be provided indicating the appropriate date of service and inspection and kept on the premises.
Contract awarded for Two-year preventive maintenance for kitchen exhaust system for the School of Chemical and Life Sciences, Nanyang Polytechnic for stainless steel exhaust hood system in N5 and N6 labs and exhaust fans at roof top.
Air conditioning welding and grinding: 700 mA / h with Luftabsaugtisch and exhaust hood above the roof, and about 3 mobile recirculating air filters.
Tenders are invited for Supply of universal digital indicating alarm unit for lp turbine exhaust hood temperature system.
Duct for exhaust hood including exhaust fan in newly constructed kitchen in campus for chandigarh police i.
Energy conservation has become a focal point within laboratories as traditional exhaust hoods consume vast amounts of energy.