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  • verb

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spread by opening the leaves of

cast off in scales, laminae, or splinters

remove the surface, in scales or laminae

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come off in a very thin piece

grow by producing or unfolding leaves

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This exfoliator is great for washing away the grime of the day and cleaning pores.
For those looking for wardrobe inspiration we have a selection of statement skirts that will flatter your figure and to compliment this we show you how to get perfectly polished pins with our pick of the best scrubs and skin exfoliators.
The range includes exfoliators, shaving balms and gels as well as moisturisers and starts from pounds 8.
A clear, grainy lotion with extracts of lemongrass and pumpkin, it left skin feeling smooth and clean without the harsh effects of some exfoliators.
His other products include Sheet Snugglers, foam corners that prevent bed sheets from slipping off; Mattress Mates, a ``T''-shape foam that turns two twin beds into a king, and Cleanimals, a sort of Beanie Baby bath toy with puff netting exfoliators.
The first of these is Clean, a gel facial wash containing 3 exfoliators that works to loosen old skin as it softens and washes away oil.
org, those with sensitive skin should go easy on exfoliators in winter as they can worsen irritated skin.
Salicylic acid is one of the safest and most effective exfoliators available to slow the visible signs of ageing.
From cleansers, toners and moisturisers to anti-wrinkle products, cellulite-busting creams and exfoliators.
49, at night, and use strong exfoliators like glycolic and salicylic acid in MD Formulations Glycare Perfection Gel, pounds 18 (call 01268-723232 for mail-order).
Most exfoliators contain granules but you can try an AHA or enzyme exfoliator as a more gentle alternative.