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  • verb

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spread by opening the leaves of

cast off in scales, laminae, or splinters

remove the surface, in scales or laminae

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come off in a very thin piece

grow by producing or unfolding leaves

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8226; Rhyolite Exfoliator - Polishes away dead skin cells gently and naturally
Apple Exfoliator -- Improves texture and supports healthy skin
The line began humbly in the family kitchen when he devised a specialty exfoliator, now known as the Doctor's Scrub, which he shared with his children.
uk) CONTAINING sugar cane crystals and apricot seed to gently dissolve dull skin, it says you can use this as an all-over body exfoliator.
Product: Daniele Ryman Cactus Hydrating & Clarifying Exfoliator
The Pore Therapy acts as an exfoliator and removes dead skin cells, priming the skin for the application of the BPO.
Use a delicate exfoliator once or twice a week to maximise radiance.
Sunshimmer Pre Tan Exfoliator leaves skin moisturised, soft and feeling super-smooth.
MELANIE HARVEY Pure Instant Radiance Skin Exfoliator, Marks & Spencer, PS6 To get glowing skin, you should start with a good exfoliator.
This exfoliator works in 60 seconds to give a post-salon facial radiant glow to dull skin, while renewing smoothness and softness.
It's not that scrubby, but I liked the way it felt like a wash as well as an exfoliator.
The exfoliator buffs skin to polished perfection while the activator stimulates new cell turnover.
The pack, which contains the Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator and Deep Comfort Body Moisture in 200ml and 40ml versions, costs pounds 30.
Attachments include a natural olive wood exfoliator to expose ingrown hairs and smooth rough skin areas, massage cap for a stimulating massage while epilating, and precision cap for the bikini line.
I'm going to rub you down with an exfoliator glove," he said to his first female client, managing to make it sound ever so slightly menacing.