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Synonyms for toxin



Synonyms for toxin

anything that is injurious, destructive, or fatal

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a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain microorganisms and some higher plant and animal species

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Sequences specific for sea to see, seg to sei, eta, etb, and tst, which encode staphylococcal enterotoxins (SEA to SEE, and SEG to SEI), exfoliative toxins (ETA and ETB), and toxic shock syndrome toxin-l, respectively, were detected by using methods described by Jarraud et al.
Unlike previously described CA-MRSA strains, this strain does not harbor the PVL or exfoliative toxin genes, and it displays a multidrug resistance phenotype.
All 3 MRSA isolates were negative by PCR for the Panton-Valentine leukocidin, toxic shock syndrome toxin 1, and exfoliative toxins A and B.
aureus/ enterotoxins Superantigen exfoliative toxins Superantigen (and serine protease?
8) Although PVL is believed to contribute to the pathogenicity of CA-MRSA, several virulence factors including exfoliative toxins, (9) enterotoxins, (10) surface protein adhesins, (11) and other pore-forming toxins (10) may also be involved in a particular disease presentation.