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the peeling off in flakes or scales of bark or dead skin

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a thin flake of dead epidermis shed from the surface of the skin

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As part of a dedicated skin care regimen, regular exfoliation can help fade age spots and discoloration.
A continuous method to achieve rapid intercalation at short residence times (7-21 s) and partial exfoliation of PP/clay nanocomposite without chemical modification of the matrix was developed (19).
The less-common and generally more severe exfoliation glaucoma occurs in people with exfoliation syndrome, which increases their chance of glaucoma about six times, according to The Glaucoma Foundation.
If the exfoliation is too heavy, she'd be happy to oblige a gentler pressure.
Latest in exfoliation is the facial peels which act as powerful exfoliators and dissolve all the inactive proteins and dead skin cells.
KEY WORDS: Pseudo exfoliation syndrome, Intraocular pressure, Optical coherence tomography, Retinal nerve fiber layer thickness.
The concentration of the graphene as a result of exfoliation and centrifugation at 500 rpm for 45 min in both cases were determined.
RapidRenew technology provides mechanical and chemical exfoliation with Hexatein 5 Complex, which contains magnesium oxide crystals and sodium bicarbonate that are spherically shaped and will not tear skin, but will provide mechanical exfoliating, smoothing, purifying and cleansing benefits.
DD Karma LLC is rolling out DermaFlash--billed as a revolutionary at-home professional quality exfoliation device for the removal of dead surface cells, vellus hair and built up debris--at Sephora shops and online.
To address this issue, in this project, we will focus on developing a novel electrochemical cathodic exfoliation approach to produce high quality graphene.
Suominen has launched a new range of nonwoven materials for use in cosmetic home spa applications such as facial sheet masks, cosmetic pads, patched and exfoliation sheets.
As we edge nearer and nearer towards summer, baring more flesh can seem a daunting prospect, so start the summer as you mean to go on (with baby soft skin) and treat yourself to a full body exfoliation.
In this article, the influence of different kinds of NA and compatibilizers on the exfoliation of NA in PP matrix was systematically studied.