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  • verb

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spread by opening the leaves of

cast off in scales, laminae, or splinters

remove the surface, in scales or laminae

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come off in a very thin piece

grow by producing or unfolding leaves

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The custom facial exfoliates, balances and infuses the skin with beneficial ingredients, boosts natural processes that occur within the skin and protect the skin from environmental elements.
The cap is topped with a white TPE beveled tip that is slightly flexible and covered with tiny barbs, to exfoliate and gently push back the cuticles.
TO HELP CONSUMERS ACHIEVE A MORE PERFECT LIPSTICK PALETTE, Eco Lips launched its Lip Scrub, an organic lip treatment designed to exfoliate and polish skin.
assistant professor of dermatology at Saint Louis University, said that contrary to the popular belief men's skin is more sensitive, as their skin loses moisture faster, is more prone to dryness and doesn't exfoliate as much.
Keep a pair of exfoliating mitts in the shower at the ready to get your circulation going, exfoliate away dullness, and make you feel more awake.
9 To make your tan last longer moisturise every day and exfoliate every four to five days.
Beauty experts say that one of the best ways to give skin a fresher look is to regularly exfoliate, removing dead skin cells that sit on the surface, blocking pores and making your complexion look dull.
BEFORE applying fake tan exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.
This is a blend of corn cob and purple rice from China to gently exfoliate and Amazonian Capuaca Butter to hydrate.
The key to such performance rests in the ability to exfoliate and disperse completely individual, high aspect ratio silicate platelets within the polymer matrix.
Benefit: Enzymes in the sanitized droppings help remove dirt and exfoliate dead skin cells.
After the mud dries, it could help to exfoliate, or remove, the dead cells.
But before you ditch the tights and trousers, there are two important beauty rules you must abide by - exfoliate and moisturise.
Cells from these rumors exfoliate spontaneously into blood, sputum, urine, and various effusions.