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an exercise device resembling a stationary bike

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This combination of exercise and infrared can increase the number of calories burned in a 40-minute session to as high as 2,400, compared to approximately 200-500 calories for a typical exercycle.
When you close the door to your bedroom, whether you have the Exercycle in the corner and the laundry basket and a 3-year-old running around, it should become your private little oasis,'' she said.
For between $100 and $200 you can get a device that will turn your bicycle into an efficient stationary exercycle.
Post accident, and with a heightened awareness of the dearth of comprehensive exercise options for the physically challenged, Blumenthal purchased the Exercycle Company (http://www.
While the Exercycle was originally intended as a rehabilitation tool for the founder's wife who suffered from a neuromuscular disorder, it was soon adopted by healthy individuals seeking convenient exercise options.
Using the motor from the original product as a springboard for innovation, they adapted the Exercycle for the disability market and introduced the Theracycle(TM), which utilizes state of the art computerized electronics.
Fitness assessment includes personalized exercise program; professional consultation and instruction; free aerobic and fitness classes; lap pool and warm-water therapy pool; exercycles, rowers, X-C Skier, StairMasters, treadmills, cross trainers; Cybex weight equipment; indoor walking/jogging track; free weights; basketball, volleyball and racquetball courts; locker rooms with amenities, including whirlpool and steam room.
Since it was late afternoon and nearly time to get ready for dinner, we forwent these temptations; deliberately ignored the Spartan discipline of the roomful of Stairmasters, exercycles, and treadmills; and gave ourselves over to the soothing and restorative waters of the whirlpool bath.
Anyone willing to peddle its exercycles - attached to generators and plugged into Osterizers - got a buck off their fruity drink.
Devices used in endurance testing, such as treadmills, exercycles, etc.
The company's flagship product, the Resistance Chair(TM) exercise system, is now available and will be followed by a home gym, ergonomic exercycles, accessories and more, all designed to provide safe, low-impact methods for mature adults to build and maintain strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.
com digital music services through "sweat tops" on exercycles and treadmills.
com digital music services through 'sweatops' on exercycles and treadmills that they are rolling out at 24-Hour Fitness locations.
The hotel also features a fitness center, which features Nautilus machines, exercycles, rowing machines, free weights, steam rooms and massage.