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an exercise device resembling a stationary bike

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For a viewer seeing this extravagant ode to creation some thirty years after its making, the film's most plangent moments involve Markopoulos' affectionate casting of friends as mythical figures - Andy Warhol's Poseidon pumping on an Exercycle above a sea of plastic, Taylor Mead's Demon leaping, grimacing, and streaming vermilion fringes, and Smith's bohemian Orpheus, spending a quiet afternoon at home with Eurydice.
It beats the exercycle in the basement or the rowing machine under the bed," Danielian says.
Thixomolded exercycle clutch plate housings, for example, routinely had porosity measurements less than 1%.
I have an exercycle I got for Christmas that has been very helpful I'm faithful about getting on it every
These include brisk walking, swimming and the use of an exercycle.
For physical fitness, I ride my stationary exercycle at home for a half hour, three to four times a week.
The contemplation takes no very grave form--it is conducted on the Exercycle of the deceased, over a granola bar from his kitchen, in front of a television game show.
3 years going nowhere on his Exercycle and his rowing machine.
They completed three circuits that took 36 minutes to complete with each circuit including use of an exercycle, cross trainer, leg press and calf press, and performance of knee extensions in sitting, sit to stand, a 20 centimetre step-up, and resisted hip abduction in standing.
He was on an Exercycle the first time I went to see him, still in good shape at 106.
If you already have a bicycle and don't want to invest in a stationary bike, too, look for stands that will hold a regular bike, effectively turning it into an indoor exercycle.
When bicycling, make a conscious effort to feel the way your body moves and responds; try to relate the motions to your exercycle.
When you close the door to your bedroom, whether you have the Exercycle in the corner and the laundry basket and a 3-year-old running around, it should become your private little oasis,'' she said.
For between $100 and $200 you can get a device that will turn your bicycle into an efficient stationary exercycle.