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a device designed to provide exercise for the user

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Lazarus is an exercise device but may become a mobility device NATHAN KIRWAN cork yesterday 15 The percentage of his body Nathan Kirwan can control [euro]2 The modest donation Nathan requests for every step he takes
ARED is a sophisticated exercise device," said Andrea Hanson, ISS Exercise Hardware Specialist.
The Swimming Pool Exercise Device allows its users to enjoy an impactful workout in a small amount of pool space.
3) In the intervention, participants with subacute stroke used a robot-assisted exercise device 5 times a week for two weeks.
Figure 1, 2 show the comparison of work (EMG amplitude x time of contraction) with the traditional crunch versus the portable exercise device in 6 different positions.
The author is the inventor of an exercise device for improving head, neck, and spinal alignment.
Love Handles, the product of these first-time inventors and Worcester natives, is an exercise device combining two elliptical handles with a universal clamp.
They include a hand-grip exercise device that Bruce Lee made for training, a shield from the "Mortal Kombat" movies and the three-pronged sai weapons that Jennifer Garner used in the movies "Daredevil" and "Elektra.
5" X 13" X 4"), the X-iser is a unique and revolutionary exercise device that can train the entire body for enhancement of speed, power, strength, balance, range-of-motion, and endurance, all while not impacting joints or the back.
Kamen slipped by with an ever-so slight move: the Segway isn't an exercise device, but by permitting people to move more efficiently during their daily tasks, there could be an abundance of available time opened up for people to walk or do chin-ups or whatever.
The scientically-tested exercise device is being used by Emirates airlines and enables passengers to carry out circulation-boosting foot and leg exercises.
This small exercise device helps users burn calories, flex muscles and relieve stress.
26), (27) Due to testing and training specificity issues, it is recommended that the client, if possible, is tested on an exercise device that is consistent with the preferred and available mode of training for the subsequent exercise program.
But for nearly one in five of them, it topped the list, according to the survey of 1,000 people conducted for a company that makes a medical exercise device.