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an exercise device resembling a stationary bike


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The investigation has shown that alteration of the fluid viscosity may have visible impact on the load exchange and its stabilization during the exercise cycle.
This gave average work for one exercise cycle shown in the Figure and Table 3 and was 153% greater than for an abdominal crunch.
We set out to pedal an exercise cycle non-stop for more than eight hours at each office in the Midlands region to see if we could 'travel' more than the distance between all the offices each day.
If all you're seeking is exercise or diversion, you might be happier racking up miles on an exercise cycle at the local gym.
Participants rode a stationary exercise cycle on four separate sessions and received money, music, money plus music, and no music or money.
Now, the state's four-year exercise cycle creates a continual review of its homeland security capabilities.
Sneak a couple of workouts into your daily routine by putting an exercise cycle next to the phone, so that every time a friend calls for a girly chat, you can start moving and it won't seem like such a chore.
Eloton[R], the makers of digital athletic products, have developed a mini exercise cycle that replaces the computer's joystick.
When he found none on the market, he began designing a tabletop, arm-powered exercise cycle he could use independently.
Six miles per day on the exercise cycle does not equate to game shape.
The Body Sculpture Exercise Cycle is a great compact bike, ideal for entry level workouts and simple exercise to help you shed your excess Christmas pounds.
He said: "From barely being able to push the pedals of an exercise cycle, I can now happily cycle for 15 minutes or more.
Exercise Cycle Warrior was the brainchild of Staff Sergeant Tony Gaul, a physical training instructor with the 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment.
For many people,at least those working within a budget, home gyms are likely to be built up a piece at a time and with prices from around pounds 50 for a basic exercise cycle or rower it isn't going to break the bank.