exercise bike

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an exercise device resembling a stationary bike


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Reebok's CyberRider combines the latest in exercise bikes with Play- Station2 games in a bid to tackle the growing obesity problem which now affects one in five 12-year-olds in this country.
SADDLE UP: Senior physiotherapist Jane Bell demonstrates an exercise bike to Robert Calvert (centre) and hospital chief executive Tucson Dunn
EXERCISE bikes may be good for your health, but they can be boring to use, as any regular gym user will testify.
At around four grand, the Exertris exercise bike is initially intended for upmarket gyms, but a cheaper version for the home will be available from early next year.
But it can be used as a standard exercise bike, too.
He handed over exercise bikes, a ski-runner and a boxing bag worth more than pounds 1,000.
He is not skating or even riding an exercise bike, which means his conditioning will take some time.
Ten people from HSBC bank, Foleshill Road, Foleshill, hopped on to an exercise bike and notched up 140 miles - one thirtieth of the 4,227-mile journey to Gujarat.
The Tunturi E5 exercise bike is worth pounds 650 and has resistance, heart rate and effort control programmes.
Meadows hasn't played since, but because she doesn't have a cast on the foot, she started riding an exercise bike during practice this week in hopes of staying in shape as much as possible.
One sparkling white exercise bike, freshly flashed and polished, almost un-used pedals due to biker getting bored (or hysterical) after each stationary half mile.
She has admitted that she bought an exercise bike years ago but refused to use it because she found it boring.
You can read all about it next time you're on the exercise bike.
AN EARLY exercise bike fascinates Rachel Whitmore and Dwight Fenton in the museum at George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton.
She also has been riding an exercise bike on the side of the court during the team's workouts.