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an exercise device resembling a stationary bike


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He immediately plans to kill himself with a knife attached to an exercise bicycle but on hearing of his father's unexpected death sets off to attend the funeral in Elizabethtown in the American South.
Injury report: Derek Armstrong, who suffered a concussion in Sunday's game, rode an exercise bicycle Wednesday and reported no problems.
Rosario began light conditioning work Monday on an exercise bicycle and was also cleared to lift weights.
PowerCranks) PowerCranks[TM] are a patented modification to bicycle cranks that are then mounted on a bicycle or an exercise bicycle to help improve coordination and running form, improve endurance, train new muscles, reduce the risk of injury and improve rehabilitation speed and quality, the company claims.
He offers, "An exercise bicycle or StairMaster are the two best pieces of equipment you can use.
Begin by using the treadmill or exercise bicycle for 10 or 15 minutes, and some of the machines for arms and legs for five minutes each.
For an hour three times a week in his home, Reeve sat on an exercise bicycle while electrical stimulation made his legs pump the pedals.
Julian Worricker, breakfast show presenter on BBC Radio Five Live, told the survey it was not unknown for him to go to sleep while on the exercise bicycle at the gym.
Put an exercise bicycle there and use it for 10 minutes a night.
In its Tinton Falls facility, ERG organized a millennial fitness challenge that pitted four residents and four staffers to see who could put the most miles on an exercise bicycle in 20 minutes.
Stress test (or treadmill test or exercise ECG) records the ECG during exercise, usually on a treadmill or exercise bicycle.
Many people have them at home; the stationary exercise bicycle is the most popular item of home exercise equipment in the United States.
The equipment is often called as exercise bicycle, exercise bike, or Exercycle.
My 65-year-old husband said he's determined to get fit, but all he's doing is 15 minutes on his exercise bicycle.
At the end of the period, the athletes rode an exercise bicycle for approximately one hour in the heat stress chamber at the Health and Human Performance lab at the University of Houston.