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surgical removal of the organs within a body cavity (as those of the pelvis)

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Ileal conduits were performed for both patients as part of a total pelvic exenteration procedure.
Other authors20 have also reported exenteration of sinus lining at the same time at even a small doubt on presence of active sinus disease.
Enucleation or exenteration was performed after two cycles of chemotherapy.
Laparoscopic complete urinary tract exenteration with the specimen withdrawn transvaginally.
For women who have had complete removal of their vagina as part of pelvic exenteration, it can be comforting for them to know that intimacy is still very achievable.
iii) However, a single case of locally advanced clear cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder which was treated by pelvic exenteration did not recur during 30 months of follow-up [30].
Use of methyl methacrylate, moulded in its paste phase, to fill the orbital cavity of dogs after exenteration in cases of ophthalmic neoplasias: a report of three cases.
The current exenteration of the KM suspicion comes in
The Ophthalmology service performed a exenteration of the involved left eye because of the advancing infiltration.
The tumour is locally invasive and may need enucleation of the eye or even exenteration of the orbital contents.
After close liaison with several senior colleagues, the patient underwent further surgical excision of necrotic tissue affecting the left forehead, left temporal region, left upper eyelid and left commissure with concomitant exenteration of left orbital contents (Fig.
Partial abdominal exenteration, ex vivo resection of a large mesenteric fibroma, and successful orthotopic intestinal autotransplantation.
The type of surgery performed (abdomenoperineal resection [APR], low anterior resection [LAR], local or transanal excision or others [pelvic exenteration, subtotal colectomy]) was also evaluated.
Removal of eye may be done by Evisceration or Enucleation or Exenteration (2)
If there is an extension into the orbit, orbital exenteration may be required.