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clarifying by use of examples

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An impressive photographic retrospective of truly extraordinary works of art that the author has placed with collectors over the past quarter century of his professional career as an art dealer, The Authentic Eye is very strongly recommended as a precisely presented display of memorable pieces of folk art exemplifying an American historical art heritage.
Exemplifying this change, Fitch Ratings has signed an 11-year, 66,256-square-foot lease at Broad Financial Center in Downtown Manhattan.
FutureLink is delighted to have been recognized by Citrix for exemplifying the qualities inherent in being a CSN member," stated Howard Taylor, president and CEO of FutureLink.
Sunrise'' is set to go on permanent display Tuesday, joining two other works by Monet and paintings by his contemporaries also exemplifying the Impressionist school, including Pierre Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro and Edward Manet.
In the course of announcing, explaining, and exemplifying the coming reign of God, Jesus antagonized all the powerful social groups who saw no need for any changes that might have an impact on their roles.
As an industry first, Eros is pioneering disruptive viewing release windows and bringing "day and date premieres" to consumers as key components of the company's online distribution strategy -- exemplifying a major Bollywood studio's approach to embracing the innovative approach of Intel Viiv technology.