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Synonyms for exemplify

Synonyms for exemplify

to demonstrate and clarify with examples

to serve as an example, image, or symbol of

Synonyms for exemplify

be characteristic of


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The beneficiary needs to exemplify academic achievement, leadership, and community service.
Exemplify, trained, like Special Duty, for her owner-breeder Khalid Abdullah by Criquette Head-Maarek, is a much stronger filly than her half sister and hinted that she could provide Abdullah with a strong chance of more Classic glory next year.
The resumes show the unusual efforts the students exert in school and in their communities and beyond that exemplify brotherhood in action.
The award recognizes individuals who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and have seen great success in areas such as growth, profit record, participation in grant and total quality management programs and foster innovative employee relationships, according to the company.
Nevertheless, the research papers included in this volume exemplify most of the basic tectonic settings, including extensional, intraplate, and compressional.
These companies, whose employees live throughout the Suncoast, exemplify the depth of community investment local businesses provide.
Nella Larsen gets barely a mention, despite the fact that she too could be said to exemplify Jones's argument about the blending of these three aesthetics.
The volume is intended to exemplify new cross-fertilizations between them, perhaps with the emphasis on the "appropriation of [Italian] gardens as a subject by social and cultural historians and theorists," a strategy seen as hitherto characteristic of French scholarship, particularly as influenced by Barthes, Lacan, Foucault, and Bourdieu.
As such, all three exemplify the spirit of romantic rebellion against the modern bourgeois order--a rebellion that is itself fundamentally modern and bourgeois.
Theoretical expositions have limits placed on their explanatory power; the effort of this paper will be to exemplify what both theoretical approaches to literacy can look like in the context of second grade classrooms.
They nurture relationships within which others can grow and explore, and although their personalities may be very different, there seem to be common characteristics or attributes that exemplify people who have such a powerful impact on our thinking.
Schools like Morningside are at the heart of the fight over improving education because they exemplify how strong principals and great teachers, combined with more local control, can achieve impressive results.
The Citrix 2000 CSN Member of the Year Awards are issued to recognize the top performing Platinum and Gold CSN Members in the United States, Canada and Latin America who exemplify outstanding performance.
Not so far away at Usk Street there are two earlier examples of this pattern and these 'cluster blocks' exemplify the search for new housing patterns with which Lasdun was much engaged in CIAM and MARS and the TEAM X dialogues to which Lasdun made considerable personal contribution.
On the one hand, works of representational art can to some extent liberate us from our everyday concerns, especially when they encourage us to focus on a satisfying formal structure, and on the other hand, absolute music, as I have argued, does not completely disengage us from the workaday world, insofar as it can exemplify temporal structures that are of significance "outside" as well as "inside" the music.