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  • verb

Synonyms for exemplify

Synonyms for exemplify

to demonstrate and clarify with examples

to serve as an example, image, or symbol of

Synonyms for exemplify

be characteristic of


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Table Top Game of the Year: Awarded to the table top game that exemplifies gaming excellence
While Jones concerns himself with movement rather than theatricality, Marin's 1989 Groosland, exemplifies the expressionism of la jeune danse francaise, a generation of French choreographers who started working in the late 1970s.
Richard Meier's recent work - in particular at Ulm, as well as in Barcelona and the Hague - all exemplifies a way forward for city regeneration rounded on architecture formed within the framework of the urban site plan.
The above incident exemplifies the changes currently taking place in English society.
Virtusa continues to demonstrate market leadership and exemplifies the qualities of excellence we look for in a si100 company.
Game of the Year : Awarded to the indie or mainstream game that exemplifies gaming excellence.
Urchin Partners exemplifies the type of company that is seeking space in the Plaza District," says Brod, who represented the tenant with associate Howard Hersch.
For Duval, interpretation is double: it is both hermeneutic and moral, and it is the latter, moral judgment, that exemplifies the evangelical caritas that Rabelais seeks to instill by example in his readers (Design, TL, 187).
Whatsaid Serif's very title exemplifies Mackey's eclectic poetic practice.
The award seeks to recognize an outstanding individual who exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism and commitment on behalf of the community.
She concludes that the Miwok approach exemplifies a mutually beneficial interplay between cultural practices and botanical conservation, suggesting conservationists could broaden their notion of species preservation to include such interplay.
This exhibit exemplifies how AppLogic can scale standard web applications without code modification.
The award is presented annually to the author or authors whose work best exemplifies the high standards of William S.
The Vehicle as Sculpture: Exemplifies artistic and emotional form innovation in a vehicle.
Crystal Bartolovich's essay, "'Baseless Fabric': London as a 'World City,'" exemplifies this expansive sense of the "local," which she establishes through impressive archival documentation, precise textual readings, and sophisticated theoretical conclusions.