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Synonyms for exemplify

Synonyms for exemplify

to demonstrate and clarify with examples

to serve as an example, image, or symbol of

Synonyms for exemplify

be characteristic of


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The sedimentation styles of graben to rift systems are exemplified by the work of Fernandez et al.
Third, a literacy as involvement teaching style will be exemplified as an improved alternative to the strong text approach.
Airs de cour such as Clement Janequin's La Guerre and Thibault de Courville's Arme arme arme o mes loyaux pensers exemplified that philosophy.
A timeless architectural language exemplified, in Corbusier's magical sentence 'Lejeu, savant, correct et magnifique des volumes sous la lumiere'.
When the Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the Morrill Act of 1862, which criminalized polygamy, and subsequent measures by Congress and the federal government to confiscate Mormon temples and other real estate holdings of the Church to terminate the practice, the Mormon community was forced to choose between loyalty to their unique social, political, economic, and religious independence as exemplified in the custom of plural marriage, and their very survival.
This interpenetration is beautifully exemplified in the passages of Whatsaid Serif that explore the theme of the cante moro, or "Moorish song.
Similarly, the grace exemplified by a vase is not just some peculiarly sculptural grace having no connection to grace in the "extra-sculptural" world.
British Consul General Merrick Baker-Bates said the diversity exemplified how far Princess Diana's influence reached.
Another of the very striking entries is that on holiness, exemplified by a Jew, Franz Werfel, who was on the Nazis' death list, took refuge with his wife in Lourdes, and made a vow that if he escaped from the peril in which he lived he would write the story of Bernadette.
To this reviewer, however, who is inclined to accept the view that the diversity of particulars is as much a brute inexplicable fact as is the diversity of abstracta, it seems that Rosenkrantz's explanation does not succeed, since (to put it as succinctly as I can) in order that the haecceity of a particular be exemplified it is first necessary that the particular exist.
The plan was for 12 books (of which six were completed), focusing on 12 virtues exemplified in the quests of 12 knights from the court of Gloriana, the Faerie Queene, a symbol for Elizabeth I herself.
And while both exemplified qualities that would be admirable in any family, it would not have been easy for viewers to identify with either the Nelsons or the Cleavers.
No state exemplified the brutal sanctions of racism and discrimination like Mississippi.
The English have a reputation for being reserved, and the PCs exemplified this trait.
This prestigious honor is designed to recognize individuals who are, or have been, an inspiration to the practice of pharmacy in California, as exemplified by a long and distinguished history of service, achievement in several arenas, character, innovation, trend setting and altruism.