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Synonyms for exemplify

Synonyms for exemplify

to demonstrate and clarify with examples

to serve as an example, image, or symbol of

Synonyms for exemplify

be characteristic of


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You, sir, have brilliantly exemplified my statement.
Lavvy declining equally to repeat or to explain, Bella gradually lapsed over her hair-dressing into a soliloquy on the miseries of being poor, as exemplified in having nothing to put on, nothing to go out in, nothing to dress by, only a nasty box to dress at instead of a commodious dressing-table, and being obliged to take in suspicious lodgers.
Key to the result swinging in Aberystwyth's favour was the attitude we encountered towards creating and sustaining local partnerships, exemplified by the town's response to the storms that devastated the seafront at the beginning of 2014.
Summary: DUBAI - Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation, or Empower, has lauded the UAE's milestone achievements in the fourth quarter of 2012, exemplified by investments in major projects, including Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi.
According to Amanda Hyde, kinesiology graduate student, the team separated the participants' feeling states into four categories: pleasant-activated feelings exemplified by excitement and enthusiasm, pleasant-deactivated feelings exemplified by satisfaction and relaxation, unpleasant-activated feelings exemplified by anxiety and anger, and unpleasant-deactivated feelings exemplified by depression and sadness.
Williams, a Salish Kootenai College nursing graduate, who exemplified nursing education and practice.
Inspired by the Native American tales of the "big water" and as exemplified in the famous "Hiawatha" saga poem of Longfellow, Gitchi Gumee showcases the adventurous young man's nautical sally into the all-knowing majesty of the open sea.
Deftly guiding readers through a truly comprehensive and studied understanding of prayer and its repetitive rhythm and nature, On The Prayer Of Jesus provides an easy-to-follow mapping of the Hesychasm's enabling attributes for opening the heart and mind for a productive and securing meditation in Christian practice, as exemplified by the wisdom of Bishop Ignatius Brianchanivov.
Each of the five young men who felt a calling to take the Gospel to the Aucas exemplified the ideas embedded in our nation's Christian heritage.
That term, in the original formulation by Eric Hobsbawm, referred to a type best exemplified in the Anglo tradition by Robin Hood.
Venerable history teaches, and the latest war dispatches perpetuate, an uncrossable chasm between the democratic West exemplified by Greece, and oriental despotism exemplified by Mesopotamia.
The French helped to assimilate a pure classic design with natural, unforced elements; as exemplified by the introduction of the curve and elliptical line rather then a ridged, geometrical design.
The Other to the monochrome's august self-sufficiency is its assimilation to modern design (a prevalent trope in contemporary sound art, exemplified in Carsten Nicolai's influential label/design firm Raster-Noton).
These modifications are in response to significant changes in government financial reporting, as exemplified in the comprehensive provisions of GASB Statement no.
It is useful because of the theoretical discussions and practical examples of how the structural and sedimentological aspects of basin analysis can be integrated in field studies, but it is limited in the sense that relatively few basin types are exemplified with case studies.