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Synonyms for exegetic

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If man indeed is a centre of traditional religion in Africa and South Sudan in particular, then that raises many moral and theological questions that need to be exegetically addressed.
Strong leadership that is committed to the authority of scripture, that takes interest in sermons that are preached exegetically, that relates scripture to our needs.
Despite their ideological justifications for it, and the precise legal readings that exegetically allowed for it, their own internal intellectual environment had also clearly led them to adopt a practically monogamous outlook.
Even if this interpretation were not exegetically problematic, the fact that the New Testament portrays God as a judge is inescapable.
However, his rejection fails to exegetically surmount the New Testament passages connecting baptism and circumcision which lie at the core of the classical Reformed argument for infant baptism.
5) The allegorical meaning of manna is exegetically treated (160-181).
First, there is the exegetically theoretical discourse, which describes Lucilius's practice at the beginning of the letter with technical vocabulary (translationes, imagines, parabola, 59.
41) Berry's claim that "both an individual Adam and a 'generic' Adam seem to be exegetically possible" (42) is largely based on the "Fall" and New Testament passages on sin (Romans 5-8, in particular).
adherence to exegetically Opportunism, expedience and Self derived standards and rules as authority 4.
Finally, the theme of Jewish and heretical "unbelief' and its contrast with orthodox Christians' "true faith" illustrates Ambrose's overarching motivation for rhetorically and exegetically yoking his construction of the two groups: to persuade his audience who had long learned to reject Jewishness to reject non-Nicene Christianity by association.
25] Son of Man is an exegetically unsound and in many ways an uncritical harmonization of the gospels which deals with the biblical traditions in a one-sided and selective manner.
In the first part of his book, Helwys devoted a great deal of ingenuity to the cause of demonstrating exegetically that biblical references to the mystery of iniquity, the man of sin, the abomination of desolation, and the seven-headed, ten-horned beast are all about the Roman Catholic Church.
While superimposition may serve conservative theological ends, in its delineation of the relationship between text and readers the model of superimposition is the most exegetically liberal of the five that Clooney presents.
Benjamin Warfield (1912) has provided an exegetically precise and descriptively thorough study of our Lord's emotions.
In the Boyd production, however, music was used exegetically to complicate and add layers of meaning to the cycle as a whole, themes being used to follow characters and comment on their actions.