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Synonyms for exegetic

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While superimposition may serve conservative theological ends, in its delineation of the relationship between text and readers the model of superimposition is the most exegetically liberal of the five that Clooney presents.
Benjamin Warfield (1912) has provided an exegetically precise and descriptively thorough study of our Lord's emotions.
This reference to the rising star invokes and exegetically conflates two stars, those of Balaam and the Magi, and by corollary the figures of Balaam and the Magi themselves.
In the context of puzzles about persistence, I claim that it is philosophically and exegetically attractive to take some, but not all accidental unities and sames to be numerically distinct.
Fletcher (1970:7) points out that one does not need to read an allegory exegetically because it often has a literal level that makes good enough sense all by itself.
However exegetically inaccurate any of that may be, I will, armed with it, walk into the growing deep yellow heat of a Kansas summer and will be back in the workplace come September.
Believing that biblical texts can contribute to ethics in general as well as to Christian ethics, Horrell, who is not further identified, sets out to engage in some detail with Paul's ethics in a way that is both exegetically serious and historically informed, and also shaped by debates in the contemporary field of ethics, specifically the debate between liberals and communitarians.
This type of self-appraisal may help us steer clear of the false objectivity achieved by talking exegetically of others and not of ourselves, and enable us to understand, through the screen of our individual subjectivities, how others may or may not negotiate place.
Barbi's capacity for interpretation did not equal his ability as a textual editor (193), and his exclusive interest in textual tradition, ignoring all ideological or historical contexts, made him exegetically deaf (224).
This productive dialogue between Latin Scripture and English exposition has the effect of teaching the anchoresses not only how to act and think spiritually, but also how to read exegetically.
This image of time's traces on the female body becomes all the more exegetically poignant, since the principal function of the Muses in Nancy's text consists in delineating the temporality of art by marking the rise and fall of artistic movements and epochs, as well as of aesthetic philosophies.
In a time when the Supreme Court called America a "Christian country" and considered Christianity a part of the common law,(62) it was credible -- even if strained exegetically -- to rely on the presence of slavery in the Bible as support for the abstract legitimacy of slavery.
148) One must pause at the implications of the Court's language when faced with Liverpool's categorical rejection of the presumption of arbitrability on the one hand and, on the other, with the Steelworkers presumption of arbitrability exegetically adhered to for almost four decades.
We need not enter here the issue of the method by which the earliest halakhic traditions were framed and transmitted, whether as "attached" exegetically to their biblical matrix or as "detached" traditions which, though originally inspired by the spirit and possibly also the letter of the biblical text, yet were only later linked to an appropriate biblical "peg" either as an aide-memoire or in order to boost their authority.
VanDrunen's defense of a natural-law reading of this passage is generally compelling, although his eagerness to see the Noahic covenant reflected in this passage seems exegetically unwarranted.