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He isolates this reading from the later exegetical traditions of Muslim religious authorities who developed canonical interpretations.
Glanz has made a study of exegetical method and its consequences for the interpretation of referential incoherence, which is obviously challenging and runs against the grain of saying that everything in the Bible makes sense, which in fact, sometimes is does not.
Narinskaya undertakes this by comparing Ephrem's exegetical and hermeneutical strategies to those found in rabbinic writings.
Pak wants to suggest that Calvin's exegetical principles pushed him to his departures from the medievals, Luther and Bucer, but those exegetical principles are never set out in a systematic fashion.
The exegetical achievements of reformation giants in the tradition were not without precedent and their quality beyond comparison (Pitken, 343).
There are some exceptions where linguistic and exegetical material has been combined under a single heading, for instance in the entry "Azar", which focuses on classical discussion about his identity and whether or not it was the name of the father of Prophet Ibrahim, upon him peace.
In chapter 3, Pardes examines the contemporary exegetical context of Melville's narrator Ishmael, named after the well-known outcast from the Abrahamic covenant.
Precisely because they do not take sides--because they contain "many senses," and will always be used both by those who are "with" us and those who are "against" us--we must become "expert in war," enter into the fray, alive with our consciences, our exegetical tools, and our religious commitment.
Selderhuis rightly recognizes, as it has been the norm among scholars for some time now, the value of Calvin's exegetical works.
Robert Gagnon of Pittsburgh (Presbyterian) Theological Seminary has refuted every major exegetical and theological claim made by Rogers in his monumental work The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics; and also in his detailed critique of Rogers at robgagnon.
To raise the exegetical point that the word for "kill" in Hebrew in the commandment is infact the word for "murder" was clearly not persuasive as the audience responded with "groans and hoots.
Grossman, Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, brings a thoroughgoing expertise in the legal, exegetical, ethical, social, and literary sources of medieval Jewish life to this systematic exposition of what can be surmised about that voiceless female half of medieval Jewry who left virtually no written documents of any kind.
Exegetical Commentary On Matthew by Spiros Zodhiates (Chairman Emeritus of Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel's Board of Trustees and President Emeritus of AMG International) is an articulate and comprehensive study of the Gospel of Matthew from its original form in Greek.
The Problem With Evangelical Theology: Testing The Exegetical Foundations Of Calvinism, Dispensationalism, And Wesleyanism by Ben Witherington (Professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary) is an informative study of the traditions, practices, and writings of the evangelist church.
Deweese's examination of Baptist exegetical scholars leads him to the belief that those who oppose the ordination of women deacons do so by exclusively employing selected writings of the apostle Paul and by interpreting his writings in a literalistic manner without taking into account the ancient paternalistic world in which they were written.