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Synonyms for exegetic

Synonyms for exegetic

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Since then, eXegeSys has engaged in an active investment into expanding the functionality and enhancing the technologies in the products, and renamed the suite eXegetic Resource Planning (eRP) to reflect the revitalization, expansion, and future of the product line.
3, the parable of the three rings, noting the discrepancies between the narrators' commentaries and the actual content of the first three stories of the Day, and concluding that the commentaries should be seen as more structural than exegetic.
The unusual format of the book may have dictated the inclusion of a "checklist" rather than full-scale exegetic catalogue entries, and for some objects these brief entries must be balanced with the copious information presented in the essay sections where the objects are first introduced.
They argue over the meaning of the parable, but unlike Kafka's novel, where a lengthy exegetic discussion of the doorkeeper legend ensues, K.
Medieval exegetic rituals demand that only one interpretation is possible - it is a pronouncement of doom: "For wele I fele, by my maladie / And by my dremes now and yore ago, / Al certeynly that I mot nedes dye" (V.
The typological weaving, generation, and embellishment of this unique textile (< text, credential, revelation, information) narreme (a word not admitted to the OED) is a distinctively Islamic process, fascinating to trace throughout the exegetic literature.
In one of two volumes that emerged from the 2008 Beijing Summit on Chinese Spirituality and Society, 14 papers consider potentials and realities of Confucian revivalism in China and beyond; Confucianism and religious diversity in the past, present, and future; and social realities from exegetic to analytic.
Lafaye concludes that Sanchez is "the true founder of the Mexican patria, for on the exegetic bases which he constructed in the mid-17th century that patria would flower until she won her political independence under the banner of Guadalupe.
Great Men are the inspired (speaking and acting) Texts of that divine Book OF REVELATIONS, whereof a Chapter is completed from epoch to epoch, and by some named History; to which inspired Texts your numerous talented men, and your innumerable untalented men, are the better or worse exegetic Commentaries, and waggon-load of too-stupid, heretical or orthodox, weekly Sermons.
In a masterful presentation, the author summarizes and explains Thomas's Comments on the Book of Job, showing how through his exegetic method Aquinas discerns from Job's words the doctrine of spirituality and immortality of the soul, a true doctrine according to both natural reason and revelation.
He requests a text about it, in a clue that the sending of such an exegetic text to him does not show whose idea it was.
Finally, he adds two appendices that describe, respectively, "Contagion in the Christian Exegetic Tradition" and "The Presence of Ash'arism in the Maghrib.
The two-volume work is in the tradition of modern English Biblical commentary that encompasses exegetic, linguistic, textual, archaeological, historical, literary, and theological perspectives.
Sister Agnes Clare Way, Exegetic Homilies (Washington: Catholic University of America, 1963) 3-150 (PG 29.
4), seems basically Wittgensteinian, though Ebbs's references to Wittgenstein are few and scattered and almost no exegetic remarks on the Philosophical Investigations are made.