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a person skilled in exegesis (especially of religious texts)

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4) In this article we will examine three cases where Demetrius offered an explanation for a problem in the text (not having to do with chronology) and compare his approach to that of the rabbinic exegetes.
If the exegete has both suffered losses and achieved gain in understanding the Bible, then it is important to apprentice ourselves once again to someone who possesses what has been lost and does not share the blind spots characteristic of the present age and some of the limitations of present practice.
The author might have also proposed the concept as an ethical, Islamic form of globalism of which today's exegete should be acutely aware.
As Mary Meyeski points out, "Like the church fathers, medieval exegetes believed, first of all, that the Bible was not only, nor even primarily, a text, or an inert artifact to be studied by whatever methods were to hand.
Then she focuses on exegetes whose fresh readings of the Bible have answered the critical issues of their time.
In their translation published by the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Qur'an, they rely on footnotes to supply the same information as provided in the foregoing works by al-Tabari and Ibn Kathir, as well as the famed Andalusian exegete, al-Qurtubi (d.
Incorporating this understanding changes the way we exegete passages such as the Parable of the Lost Coin or the way we picture life on the shore of the Galilean Sea.
Despite some lapses into jargon, Taves for the most part concentrates on telling good stories; call some of them anecdotes and you will not detract from their disclosive power, especially since "explainer" Taves is such a good exegete for the incidents and the texts through which we learn about them.
This passionate, elaborate, rewarding, and at times provocative book, simultaneously published in France under the title of Penser la Bible, is the product of an unusual collaboration between one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century and an exegete known for his work on Hebrew scriptures --especially the Twelve Prophets and the Song of Songs.
There is today no more articulate and brilliant exegete of the poetic text, whether in his analysis of terror in the poems of Robert Frost, on the poetic development of Thomas Hardy from 1900 to 1917, or on Rilke's poem "Orpheus.
Hispano-Hebrew poet, grammarian, philosopher, and astronomer, best known as a biblical exegete whose commentaries contributed to the golden age of Spanish Judaism.
One can hardly imagine Obiako as a quiescent exegete accepting uncritically an explication by a babalawo.
The spoilsport exegete might consider the in-between of, say, the August Esquire, with its requisite celebrity--Jennifer Connelly, star of three weak movies--on the cover.
The topics include priestly divination and illuminating stones in Second Temple Judaism, exegete as prophet: the Qumran method of receiving revelation for pesher interpretation, the word of the LORD and the teacher of righteousness in the Qumran texts, whether early Hebrew texts were authoritative, and Jubilees as prophetic history.
The remaining essays cover subjects including Bonaventure's theological and philosophical method, his work as a biblical exegete, his trinitarian theology, his Christology in the Breviloquium, his angelology, sacramental theology, Christocentric spirituality, preaching, and his legacy as minister general and defender of mendicant religious life.