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a person skilled in exegesis (especially of religious texts)

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The exegetes of The Book maintain that all books aim at being the Authentic.
The parable was interpreted to mean that the Word of God should be increased--preachers with their sermons and exegetes with their glosses were enjoined to serve the divine Verbum by multiplying words, just as the good servants of the Parable multiplied the talents they'd received.
6) Since part of my project is with the question of the referentiallty of the literary sign, I now wish to focus on this excess over contextualization; that is, Gates's description of the process by which exegetes wrestle with semantic indeterminacy.
In their translation published by the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Qur'an, they rely on footnotes to supply the same information as provided in the foregoing works by al-Tabari and Ibn Kathir, as well as the famed Andalusian exegete, al-Qurtubi (d.
Cyril was a prolific Bible exegete, approaching the Old Testament allegorically (though more selectively than Origen), the New historically.
The priest as exegete delivers the answer to the inquirer.
Of course, even the most contentious would have to admit that (to take just one example among many) Von Balthasar's admirable chapter on "holy fools" gains considerably through the explications of the exegete.
29) The editor of this work subverts the sceptical historian's intentions and may be the first to turn him into a prophetic exegete.
Although I am no longer a Christian, I do believe essentially in the gospel stories; in fact, I'm a sort of amateur exegete, and the man who was being applauded has led a life not unlike the Prince of Peace.
The remaining essays cover subjects including Bonaventure's theological and philosophical method, his work as a biblical exegete, his trinitarian theology, his Christology in the Breviloquium, his angelology, sacramental theology, Christocentric spirituality, preaching, and his legacy as minister general and defender of mendicant religious life.
Topics include Eckhart as a Latin exegete, Eckhart's understanding of God and preaching, his approach to women, and his reception from his own century on.
Most recently, Krey and Smith's Nicholas of Lyra focused specifically on Nicholas and the various ways he functioned as an exegete.
1) The medieval Muslim exegete Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Yabari (d.
His great modern French Catholic exegete, Charles Kannengiesser, dubs Athanasius "the most dynamic leader of 4th-century Egyptian Christianity.
13) To do this kind of work one must try to be what Osayande Obery Hendricks calls "the guerilla exegete," not waiting for, not expecting "the hegemonic pat on the head.