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Synonyms for exegesis

Synonyms for exegesis

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an explanation or critical interpretation (especially of the Bible)

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Siendo la <<unidad-diferencia>> la idea maestra de su exegesis, es comprensible que su lectura del Antiguo Testamento comience por el relato de la creacion del hombre y de la mujer, en el que, en la diferencia de los sexos, quedan articuladas la unidad y la diferencia fundamentales (cap.
7) In addition to the possibility of the progress of understanding through history, however, de Lubac is also alive to the fact that the shift to what he occasionally calls "scientific exegesis" and away from the exegesis of the Fathers has lost a great deal.
While the contributors pay regrettably little attention to the multicultural character of the Church that today's seminarians will serve, this collection will be of great interest to Catholic scholars seeking to revitalize the conversation between theology and exegesis.
The book makes a significant contribution to advancing the study of Radak's commentary specifically, and of medieval biblical exegesis more generally, and for this the author is deserving of thanks.
En cualquier caso la exegesis biblica de Tomas de Aquino habria dado dos pasos que le permitieron localizar un termino medio mas acertado que el propuesto desde su teodicea a la hora de superar esta aparente insensibilidad ante el sufrimiento fomentada por la paradoja del narrador omnisciente.
Those who invented scientific exegesis and those who continue to advocate it simply fail to recognize that Qur'an was revealed at a time when no one had seen ultra-sound scans of fetuses in a woman's womb.
Calvin's concern with the historical context of David and Solomon places him in the company of critical exegesis, whereas his concern to build up the faith of the Church places him in the company of pre-critical exegesis, according to Pak (132).
Tunisian candidates, who took part in these competitions, benefit of training at the Higher Institute of Theology, provided by professors specialised in reciting, psalmody and exegesis of the Koran.
I had a few discussions about the exegesis of this verse and the answer is always, "God can't be wrong in his verses.
Thus, while I find Hendricks' theology and exegesis questionable, his politics seems to me to be admirable.
As such it is misleading for the reviewer to state that Spong "denounces biblical passages that appear to support the interpretations of his conservative foils, then selects and exalts other verses to buttress his own exegesis.
Krier's exegesis was that a return to traditional modes was inevitable: 'It is not what I desire but what will happen'.
For Darboven, "writing" and "drawing" function as "thinking" and "counting," and this can be seen without exegesis.
Grouped into three categories of exegesis, ecclesiology, and everyday life, the essays include "'Hallowed Be Your Name' (Matt 6:9): Reflections on the First Petition of the Lord's Prayer", "All Are Called: The Universal Vocation of the People of God", "Domestic Spirituality: Jonathan Edwards on Love, Marriage and Family Life" and many more.
36) Adhering to the cardinal rule of fundamentalist exegesis that the Bible cannot contradict itself, Straton claimed that the handful of biblical texts "which may upon the surface seem to be contrary to the general teaching of scripture, must be interpreted in harmony with the whole, in accordance with the accepted principles of sound Biblical exegesis.