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a person appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of the will

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not incorporated in the United States or owned or controlled by a "US person"), not acting in or through the United States or a "US person" and otherwise not generally subject to US jurisdiction may enter into executory contracts with Iran without risk of exposure of an OFAC enforcement case for so doing.
be rejected as executory contracts, pursuant to [section] 365, (28) as
Leases are accounted for similarly to a partial sale or a sale with a partial right of return (of a future residual interest), instead of as a sale of the underlying asset or as an executory contract.
In his decision, he found that state franchise laws were not applicable to the termination of executory contracts under federal bankruptcy law.
assumption or assignment of an executory contract in certain situations
Often, an executory contract is in default when the debtor seeks to assume the contract.
Additionally, a few bankruptcy courts have found that a partnership agreement is an executory contract, (7) while other courts have concluded that a partnership agreement is not an executory contract.
rights, (79) executory contracts, (80) and memberships (81) are property
An executory agreement is one where substantive performance under the contract is still due by the parties.
Local estate agent Ewen Kennedy said: "It is not uncommon for a valuation for executory purposes to be a bit lower than you might expect to fetch on the open market.
Bankruptcy offers lots of advantages for nursing homes; for example, a lot of creditors get to cancel leases, under the leases and executory contracts section of the Code," says Hurst.
com, Bohanon cited section 365f of the bankruptcy laws, which says a landlord cannot "restrict, condition or prohibit a debtor's right to assign an executory contract or unexpired lease.
Rule 6006 relates to executory contracts and unexpired leases.
The sale would include the company name, logos, sign marks, trademarks, unexpired leases and various executory contracts.
He borrowed money from his in-laws, dipped into his own father's executory, removed money from elderly clients' building society accounts and held on to cheques belonging to other clients.