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a person appointed by a testator to carry out the terms of the will

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Item, I entreat the aforesaid gentlemen my executors, that, if any happy chance should lead them to discover the author who is said to have written a history now going about under the title of 'Second Part of the Achievements of Don Quixote of La Mancha,' they beg of him on my behalf as earnestly as they can to forgive me for having been, without intending it, the cause of his writing so many and such monstrous absurdities as he has written in it; for I am leaving the world with a feeling of compunction at having provoked him to write them.
An historian, for example, having attained the age of five hundred, would write a book with great labor and then get himself carefully embalmed; leaving instructions to his executors pro tem.
It directs his executors to inquire into the relations that have actually existed between Anne Silvester and his younger son.
Then, as to executors, I assured him I had no heirs, nor any relations in England, and I should alter my condition before I died, and then his trust and trouble should cease together, which, however, I had no prospect of yet; but I told him if I died as I was, it should be all his own, and he would deserve it by being so faithful to me as I was satisfied he would be.
It's possible a successor executor or trustee may need to be named.
Basically, an executor, upon your death, reviews your financial and legal situation--the big picture and the details--and takes all the necessary action, including hiring professionals to assist as needed, to ensure that:
R M Brett & Co), First Floor, 39 Charles Street, Cardiff CF10 2GB Solicitors for the said Executor
Give the social media executor a document that lists all the websites where you have a profile, along with your usernames and passwords.
What is less ordinary is The Circuit: Executor Rising's scenario, where Earth has been all but destroyed but humanity survives on interlinked solar ark transports (known as the Kepler Circuit, dominated by a religious faction).
In the language configuration under analysis, in 3 cases, tag- questions have been used, 2 cases of which have been used by female executors and 1 case has been used by a male executor.
If you leave a will, your executor (as named in the will) applies for a 'Grant of Probate', a legal document giving them the right to sort out your affairs once you have passed away.
For such property, the executor is permitted to estimate the value in good faith and with due diligence.
Billing records are kept by the professional executor.
Besides, Hymers says, websites such as Facebook allows accounts to be memorialised or deleted by an immediate family member , while Twitter will remove an account if they receive a death certificate and provide all archived tweets from the user to the executor of the estate.
If your brother is the only executor appointed and he chose to renounce his role, someone else would need to act in this capacity and it would usually fall to one of the residuary beneficiaries to take on the role.