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a session (usually of a legislative body) that is closed to the public

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com)-- Information Security Media Group (ISMG), publisher of InfoRiskToday, BankInfoSecurity, HealthcareInfoSecurity and numerous other global media sites, is pleased to announce the launch of its Executive Sessions interview series.
Three sets of executive session minutes titled "possible litigation'' and dated Dec.
Ordinarily, the meetings of public bodies are open; media representatives are allowed to attend executive sessions in which sensitive subjects such as personnel matters are discussed as long as those matters are not reported.
In brief, the GC is well served to carefully plan for executive sessions and interactions with the board with lots of assistance.
Prohibit the Treasurer's statutorily authorized designee from attending or participating in all executive sessions involving a contested matter;
In today's corporate environment, thanks in part to the reaction to "imperial" CEOs like Smith and many others, corporate boards have the opportunity to wield real power over management through executive sessions.
Commissioner Bill Dwyer said Wednesday that the board should have taken a public vote to follow up a decision it made about PeaceHealth during a May 27 executive session.
Eric Harris, R-Lowell, would allow the Fire and Police Pension Review Board to meet in executive session with the Arkansas Local Police and Fire Retirement System Board to allow executive director records created by the board to be personnel records and to meet jointly in executive session.
Therefore, executive sessions tend to vary widely in content and length.
The office of state Attorney General Martha Coakley has found selectmen violated the Open Meeting Law in a variety of ways, including failure to post adequate notice of meetings, improper discussions and votes during executive sessions, and deliberating outside of meetings.
However, to avoid any questions, the board should adopt a specific confidentiality policy stating that board members are expected to keep certain information confidential, such as matters discussed in executive sessions, specific types of information (e.
Each of these afternoons ends with executive sessions that include both internal and outside auditors but no other company management representatives.
The council agreed to explore developing a policy in which the use of closed executive sessions would be limited strictly to lawsuits and not policy matters.
Current briefs in this series from the Executive Sessions on Sentencing and Corrections focus on the emergence of "technocorrections," the drug court approach and its evolution, and the "parallel universe" approach to prison management.
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