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a session (usually of a legislative body) that is closed to the public

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The committee could have taken up the proposal at its April 9 meeting, but referred the item to a future executive session, claiming an exemption that allows discussions about "the deployment of security personnel or devices, or strategies'' to be away from the public.
Miles said, A week ago on December the 16th, Councilman Sexton made a motion to go into executive session for employee benefits.
When the board of directors is not in an executive session, the board may determine by majority vote that other topics it discusses will remain confidential.
The union's Schauner said the college tried to have it "both ways" by simultaneously arguing that no binding action took place in the executive session but that Krider's May 1 notification was timely.
The WVSMA joins with the WV Hospital Association in the position that no medical staff committees should be considered governing bodies under the OHP Act, that the executive session topics enumerated in the Act are inadequate and at the least should be expanded, and that action on those topics should be permitted in executive session if the Act is to apply to any medical staff bodies.
Hopson named Phillips before the panel went into a closed executive session to discuss the allegation.
During my days with a newly listed technology company, I can recall an instance when an executive session was called abruptly.
Eric Harris, R-Lowell, would allow the Fire and Police Pension Review Board to meet in executive session with the Arkansas Local Police and Fire Retirement System Board to allow executive director records created by the board to be personnel records and to meet jointly in executive session.
Although not required by the listing standards, the board should consider whether its committees (to the extent their members are not solely independent directors) should be empowered to meet in executive session.
I don't see any reason why you couldn't have a discussion in executive session about a case," Ortiz said.
The new Executive Session on Community Corrections is forming at an appropriate time, now that the national conversation regarding correctional policy has shifted to a reform movement as states explore new strategies for managing growing prison and jail populations and historically high corresponding budgets.
Three sets of executive session minutes titled "possible litigation'' and dated Dec.
The debate in executive session was civil and courteous throughout, according to both sides.
NIJ Publishes Papers Debating Police Professionalism for the 21st Century -The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) recently published two papers from the Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety, a roundtable funded by NIJ and managed by Harvard University's Kennedy Schools Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management.
executive session, Jesse Maine Room, City Hall, 225 Fifth St.
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