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a session (usually of a legislative body) that is closed to the public

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Kit Belmonte (Quezon City), at Thursday's justice panel hearing, raised that what was talked about after the executive session and hearing after was discussed by the panel.
His comments come after Lawmakers in the House of Representatives appeared unwilling to disclose the current financial status of the country after last week Thursday's executive session with heads of three key government's financial institutions here.
But Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, as well as Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, noted that during last year's oral argument, an executive session was conducted but it turned out that the information from the Defense Department was not actually confidential.
Payne-Hubler stated that it was announced the executive session would be to discuss/approve the wildlife fence project and discussion/approval of RFQ process for new airport engineering services.
The specific facts and circumstances of each case, most notably the matters discussed and actions taken during an executive session, need to be taken into account whenever this issue is raised, and should be discussed with the corporate secretary or other counsel before final decisions are made.
Rufus Rodriguez disclosed that he has been requested to have the voting in an executive session, but personally he wanted the voting process open to media.
According to the proposal, the program would be activated in two unnamed schools, but the Police Department was considering activation in five schools, City Manager Edward Augustus said shortly before the start of the executive session.
Miles said, A week ago on December the 16th, Councilman Sexton made a motion to go into executive session for employee benefits.
The WVSMA joins with the WV Hospital Association in the position that no medical staff committees should be considered governing bodies under the OHP Act, that the executive session topics enumerated in the Act are inadequate and at the least should be expanded, and that action on those topics should be permitted in executive session if the Act is to apply to any medical staff bodies.
12 countries are expected to participate in the forthcoming Asian Sports Authority's Executive Session to be held in Colombo.
Interim city Police Auditor Dawn Reynolds said Wednesday that she doesn't believe the proposal for the board going into executive session "has traction.
Executive session: Almost 7 in 10 (69 percent) of companies reported that independent (non-management) directors met in executive session at every board meeting in 2005, and 75 percent expect the same for 2006.
I'd give anything to be in the General Mitts executive session if Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants passes the great Babe Ruth for second place on the career home-run list.
Eric Harris, R-Lowell, would allow the Fire and Police Pension Review Board to meet in executive session with the Arkansas Local Police and Fire Retirement System Board to allow executive director records created by the board to be personnel records and to meet jointly in executive session.
All matters discussed in an executive session of the board of directors should remain confidential and may only be discussed outside the executive session with association legal counsel, with persons present during the executive session, or with absent board members, unless otherwise determined by the board of directors.
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