executive officer

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Richard Grimes: President and Chief Executive Officer, Assisted Living Federation of America, Fairfax, Va.
Janie Barrera, president and chief executive officer, ACCION Texas, San Antonio, Texas
Nadeau, program executive officer, ground combat systems, Warren, Mich.
Kelbel most recently was chief executive officer of the company's subsidiary HCC Benefits Corp.
26 Executive Officers (1 President & CEO, 1 Executive Vice President, 6 Senior Vice Presidents, 18 Executive Officers)
Sandkuhler, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Pinkerton Government Services, Inc.
Damm, president and chief executive officer, ACCU Staffing Services, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, renamed deputy chairman.
Bruce Connell, president and chief executive officer of XL Capital Products, also assumes the new role of group underwriting officer.
Current Position: Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hitachi Systems & Services, Ltd.
Hickton, Vice Chair & Chief Executive Officer, RTI International Metals, Inc.
Funk, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Express Personnel Services International, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, renamed deputy chairman.
Pembroke, Bermuda, is looking for a new chief executive officer to replace Herbert N.
Killeen was president and chief executive officer of WorldWinner, a casual gaming company that he successfully sold to London-based Fun Technologies.
Douglass was re-elected President & Chief Executive Officer of the Aerospace Industries Association and Ginette C.
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