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Many individuals have motivated Craig Bowman, executive director of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition, but he says he is most inspired by the courageous youth activists he comes across each day.
Clearly, no one wants an event that won't bring hundreds of thousands of people to Washington," says Kerry Lobel, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and a former Millennium March board member.
In contrast to Tuesday's court order, Ikharebha said the agreement reached Monday said Beard-Williams could transact business but not collect or disburse money and could represent herself as foundation executive director.
As executive director of Gender PAC, a national advocacy organization devoted to gender and racial equality, Wilchins spends most of her time lobbying in Washington, D.
The position of executive director was created by the guild in May to streamline the management of the 160-acre, nonprofit botanical and display garden, said Sue Beatty, Descanso Gardens Guild president.
But GLAAD executive director Joan Garry says the national-versus-local dichotomy is false.
which will be led by newly appointed executive director, Carmina Hughes and managing director, Patricia McKeown.
Rossart was only offered a dispute resolution conference with Developmental Pathways and a paper appeal to Marva Livingston Hammons, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Human Services.
With clarity and profound simplicity, it dissects the otherwise overwhelming role of the nonprofit executive director into understandable components that can then be made workable (and even fulfilling
The court found that two of the non-executive directors were liable, because of their inactivity, for the dishonest misuse of company funds by an executive director.
Greg Hessinger officially assumed the job of SAG's chief executive officer, succeeding the controversial Bob Pisano, while Kim Roberts Hedgpeth was named to Hessinger's old post of national executive director of AFTRA over the weekend.
The journal will provide two specially designated pages in each issue for an article by the Mercer Center's executive director.
But even that background could not have prepared her for her tumultuous two-year stint as executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, where she faced huge budget shortfalls, staff layoffs and resignations, a hostile White Housel and half a dozen antigay ballot measures.
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