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The PNP as an agency of the Executive department observes a protocol in releasing infomation involving national security.
Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea had issued a memorandum to department secretaries and heads of agencies regarding the directives applying to foreign travels of all government officials and personnel in the executive department.
Soraya Adiong and the executive department of ARMM are now addressing the needs of the agriculture sector in the province.
The reliance of Congress on the law enforcement agencies of the Executive Department in its protection of its members and the enforcement and execution of its powers impairs, to a large extent, the independence of Congress from the Executive Department," the House leader said.
As members of the Executive Department waited through the morning for the decision to take effect, the Court of Appeals gathered under Abdullah and made the decision to freeze the closure order.
Tribune News Network Doha As part of its continued efforts to develop the performance of its staff, Qatar Charity (QC) has conducted a course on Project Management Methodology, which targeted the staff at its Executive Department of Operations and the Financial Department.
Moreover, Mutahar mentioned that the government has formed a ministerial committee to develop a comprehensive national dialogue to combat terrorism, reviewing the areas of cooperation between Yemen and the Counter-terrorism Executive Department of the UN Security Council in this aspect.
The bill includes the establishment of a higher council for public sector jobs backed by an executive department to organize the affairs of the sector.
What legislation directed the Office of Management and Budget to establish a Deputy Director for Management, establish an Office of Federal Financial Management headed by a Controller, and designate a Chief Financial Officer in each executive department and in each major executive agency?
Bernoussi is a founding member of the Moroccan Association of Constitutional Law (AMDC), a member of the executive department of the Moroccan association of Political sciences and Vice President of International Academy of Constitutional Law (AIDC).
We are aware that all of her actions were cleared first by Sefton MBC's own legal executive department.
Executive Department, Common wealth of Massachusetts, Romney files bill to protect rights of sexual assault victims, news release, Jan.
James Madison wrote in 1793: "In no part of the Constitution is more wisdom to be found than in the clause which confides the question of war or peace to the legislature, and not the executive department.
Despite claims that its negotiation is open and transparent, the executive department to date has refused to transmit (to Congress) an official copy of the agreement,'' Marcos said in her speech at the lower house.
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