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For some companies, the bottom line on executive education is whether it's worth the tuition and travel costs and what impact the executive's attendance at the program has on both individual and organizational success.
According to Kopp, a physician executive must demonstrate excellent leadership skills, which are often developed from an early age.
Sean Bandarkar, program development director, Executive Education, Stanford University, says both in-person and distance-learning models have their advantages.
Though custom programs can sometimes be more affordable than hiring top-flight consultants, they range widely in price--between $12,000 and $70,000 a day--depending on the level of up-front customization sought, says Steve Feld, director of executive education at the Smith School of Business.
Thus, such amounts are FICA compensation in the year the executive performs the services, not when he or she receives the amount, resulting in FICA withholding.
Enduring, Surviving, and Thriving as a Law Enforcement Executive will appeal to law enforcement executives at all levels, local government officials, state and local district attorneys, and planning and financial administrators.
Lipp will continue in his current role as chairman and chief executive officer of the global financial group.
Ask anyone familiar with executive courses, and the response is familiar: For every naysayer who complains about lack of length, dozens will praise the way those shorter layouts strengthen your short game and accuracy.
The third type of CIO is the "technology opportunist," an executive responsibility that has grown from the demands of e-business.
Pollard president and chief executive of Chief Executive magazine, a journal of opinion by and for CEOs in U.
It provides a brief description of outsourcing and its roots, discusses how poor communications may increase the likelihood for outsourcing, and describes how the tax executive may better approach the issue of outsourcing to do a more effective job of managing the tax function of the company.
Sam Yanes, director of corporate communication at Polaroid Corporation, exemplifies the new type of communication executive as information manager.
1 million yen) today convened a meeting of its Board of Directors at its Head Office in Tokyo to select its prospective Director, Member of the Board candidates to be nominated at the Company's General Meeting of Shareholders to be held in June 2012, and to announce the Executive Officer changes, which will become effective on April 1, 2012, as follows.