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(computer science) the speed with which a computational device can execute instructions

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Key features and benefits* A bundle of hardware, software and services that streamlines document workflows, improves execution speed and reduces costs.
Instrument Connectivity 2,200 instrument drivers for 150+ vendors Measurement Analysis 400+ analysis functions Sequencing Branching, Graphical sequence editor Flow Control Test Execution Speed Multithreaded sequence execution Limit Testing Comparisons, masks, import/export Report Generation ASCII, HTML/Web, XML Database Connectivity MS Access, Oracle, SOL Server
In today's competitive marketplace, carriers are on a mission--to increase execution speed, minimize operational costs, reduce risks and boost profitability.
In particular, the following aspects of MARS are addressed in the article: visual feature extraction, retrieval models, query reformulation techniques, efficient execution speed performance, and user interface considerations.
The programming speed has no effect on execution speed of the program.
The trade-off is between memory space and execution speed.
In addition, enhancements to the optimization technology in the powerful IAR C/C++ Compiler[TM] result in outstanding code execution speed.
3 pips and the average execution speed is 200 milliseconds.
This can considerably reduce the execution speed for applications awaiting a verdict in real time.
Productivity is increased without sacrificing execution speed.
The VMDBMS also reduces hardware and development costs due to its faster execution speed and simplified development model.
It will give brokers, asset managers, funds and banks in Asia Pacific access to LMAX Exchange at execution speed of less than 4ms.
1 lot)) and unrivalled execution speed (over 90% of trades are executed in less than 10 milliseconds).
Local and international clients of Winterflood that use SunGard trading platforms will be able to route orders directly to exchanges, which will help to improve execution speed and order management.
MPLAB([R]) XC Offers Three Compiler Options--One Each for 8, 16 and 32-bit; Improves Code Execution Speed by About 30% and Reduces Code Size by About 35%