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a performer (usually of musical works)

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A melody can, in effect, express a sentiment of joy or of sadness, of grace or of force, of vivacity or of meditation, and the executant must later take this into account in his playing.
Cette convention, qui complete le Traite de l'OMPI sur les interpretations et executions et les phonogrammes (WPPT), fait a Geneve le 20 decembre 1996, vise a developper et a assurer la protection des droits des artistes interpretes ou executants sur leurs interpretations ou executions audiovisuelles d'une maniere aussi efficace et uniforme que possible, indique un communique publie au terme de cette reunion, dont lecture a ete donne par le ministre de la Communication, porte-parole du gouvernement, Mustapha El Khalfi.
The existence of a rational number of levels with positive effects: reducing filtering and distortion of information and thus better information for managers, transmission executants of operative decisions, facilitating seamless fulfillment of the objectives contained in the strategy and policy.
A 'Vakalatnama' should contain the name of the court, the number of the suit or proceeding, the name of the parties and executant, specification of the powers intended to be entrusted to a pleader, the name of the pleader, the signature of the executants and the acceptance of the authority by the pleader.
This was an interpretation that quite belied the youth of its executants - mature, reflective, and awesomely accomplished.
A major striking difference between the ancient inscriptions and the medieval ones is that almost none of the extant 143 medieval inscriptions is issued directly from the Royal Chancery and none mentions the name of the Royal Palace even where the donor or executants were the Royalty.
In Prete's succinct formulation, "Politics thus dealt the cards: the executants were left to play the hand" (p.
This is epitomized by the thrust of what yesterday were pure innovators in emerging markets as well as in multisource products (witness the example of GSK and Sanofi-Aventis), and an accelerated shift of generic players towards a full commodity approach--phasing out their marketing and sales force, redirecting their promotional efforts towards purchasing economic buyers--namely health insurance bodies--while individual doctors see their role gradually downgraded to executants with curtailed degrees of prescribing freedom.
against themselves, to be the executants of their virile needs .
In a situation of fait majoritaire the latter are mere executants of the presidential will and lose all freedom to act on their own initiative.
In fact, not just here but throughout the festival, on either side of the footlights, everyone seemed to be having a grand good time--and Agler, chairman Paul Hennessy and all its many planners, movers, shakers and executants deserve resonant bravissimi for a splendid new home and the vintage season it showcased.
Like other virtuosi, Boccherini composed his sonatas as vehicles For his own performance, and as Le Guin alertly notes, the association of particular pieces with their executants was especially strong in opera: Charles Burney, in the 1780s, was still identifying arias in Handel's operas as "for Cuzzoni" or "for Faustina," although those famous singers of the 1720s had long since left the stage.
The rights of performing artists and executants (neighbouring rights), meanwhile, expire 50 years after the date of execution.
C'est Consuelo qui est le compositeur, Albert et leur fils les executants, ce qui renverse la encore les schemas traditionnels.
Les jeunes constituent a la fois les organisateurs des spectacles de musique folklorique, une partie des << executants >> et une grande partie du public.