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capability of being executed

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The reasoning problem is defined as the executability of a service instance, which can be implemented as Definition 6 states.
the executability of service instance in Example 4-1 under context in Example 3-1.
Unthrottled, near-term executability is absolutely paramount on this single manager's list.
A panel of 10 judges from both the public and private sectors ranked the submissions on innovative thinking, potential savings, and executability.
Given the importance of this issue, it should be reminded that this path and strategy is not a project with a starting and ending point; rather, it is a cycle that should be permanently updated by considering political and economic conditions and its executability and the way to handle it should be investigated with constant supervision.
The stages allowed for detailed establishment of robust cost, schedule, and technical baselines to ensure program executability.
Two Days: The example of the consumer products company discovering a mismatch between IT standards and promised customer standards is a great example for the necessity to "Deliver Offerings," which is the "heart of strategy" as Tenet #4 in the Competency Tenets and includes attention to executability.
The Solaris operating system guarantees 100 per cent compatibility and executability of the more than 12,000 Solaris applications available worldwide.
There is always cost pressure as the Navy seeks to achieve the proper balance of risks and opportunities within and across warfare areas, while staying within our funding constraints; and the Navy's PEOs provide the acquisition expertise to help the requirements and resources communities examine the cost and executability of a variety of options.
Evaluating a start-up's strategy and the executability of that strategy involves asking the right questions centered around having the right goals, competencies, and assets.
When looking at emerging team situations, the driver in determining whether the situation becomes a roadblock or evolves into an opportunity is not solely the program's technical merits or its financial executability, but a combination of both, plus the ability of the team to engage and influence key stakeholders.
On the other hand, management may develop what they think is a great strategy only to find that they haven't considered its executability during the strategy development process.
These characteristics, along with the executability of models, have separated Rhapsody from similar offerings on the market and made Rhapsody the tool of choice for software engineers.
Return Driven Strategy, as described in earlier columns, is an approach that serves as a diagnostic of existing strategies and those under consideration, and it's a powerful tool for developing strategy designed for executability, profitability, and ultimate investor returns.
The existing behavioral semantics and executability of UML owe their origins to I-Logix.