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Synonyms for execration

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

an object of extreme dislike

Synonyms for execration

hate coupled with disgust

an appeal to some supernatural power to inflict evil on someone or some group

the object of cursing or detestation

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The same applies to the word 'La'anah' or curse and 'Rahmah' or mercy to talk about specific and limited or general and boundless execration and clemency.
The senior special Assistant has noticed that many of the contracts awarded early this year for execration were yet to start especially in Ofumama, Gbelegbu and okomu Road in south west local south area of the state.
No dealer in human blood, even in the town of Liverpool, will be long able to encounter the execration of all mankind by continuing it.
Jonson's antimaterialism is traced through his images of manual laborers, especially blacksmiths and the god Vulcan, in several masques and poems, including The Gypsies Metaphorphos'd and "An Execration upon Vulcan.
It took Margaret Thatcher quite a long time before she earned the honour of having tens of thousands of young people hurling execration in her name.
Alongside his defense of teachers' rights, there was always a larger vision, which made it possible for him to escape from the execration that liberals heaped on him in the 1960s.
Monfalcon was surprised that the radicals hadn't insisted on his ouster, since the most militant group among them, the so-called Voraces, "hold me, with good reason, in profound execration.
Charles's execration of the cost of travel and subsistence was as frequent as it was insistent.
The great chorus of hatred and execration for modern art that used to break out on a regular basis has simply disappeared.
The failure of the marriage contract becomes a sign of past misdeeds needing execration.
The restoration of her passport six weeks later on terms patently engineered to save the Minister's face in view of parliamentary execration, rather than Hirsi's dignity after suffering grave insult, triggered the withdrawal of D66 from the cabinet.
La revolution aux Antilles a traumatise les esprits, meme au Quebec ou les journaux, de plus en plus nombreux, renseignent sur tout ce qui se passe ailleurs avec parfois force exageration dans le sens d'une execration de l'autre, le Noir.
Cavalcanti responded to the allegations angrily, saying, "I cannot be placed in a public execration with sordid, irresponsible accusations without proof.
In any case, the most useful attitude is neither adoration nor execration, but a critically aimed look, opening on to the territories of others but inclined to elaborate its products.
As a city, Jerusalem dates back at least to the twentieth century BC when it was listed in the Egyptian Execration Texts (Mazar 1999).