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  • verb

Synonyms for execrate

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

to invoke evil or injury upon

Synonyms for execrate

find repugnant

Related Words

curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment

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That the veil can be drawn back and the shame execrated reveals that racial inferiority is a personal belief rather than an innate characteristic.
Bush, who has been so viciously and so unfairly execrated for so long by the sort of right-thinking media-and-entertainment types who consider Maureen Dowd a wit that I now regularly have to stifle the urge to cry him up as the greatest president since Lincoln.
the members of the government would be execrated for the infamous
A Russian-Jewish immigrant, Cournos recalled the taunts of "Christ-killer" that in his youth had made him hate Jesus as "a name to be loathed and execrated.
how much more are the Jews to be execrated and hated who, utterly insensible to Christ and the Christian faith, reject, blaspheme, and ridicule that Virgin Birth and all the sacraments of human redemption?
We understand that our ancient laws, habeas corpus and jury service are execrated by the European Union, however as an English woman I believe we must stand up to this government and be counted.
their contemporaneity has worn a little thin after 2,000 years,but I did get the fact that he execrated as if he were the ancestor of 2 LiveCrew.
I, who as a child, had been chased out and execrated by France.
Such memoirs are naturally far removed from the poverty-riven atmosphere and harsh realities say of the recently widely acclaimed, and execrated, Angela's Ashes.
Frank Lestringant has shown how, from the late 1570s on, those seriously concerned with voyages, the New World, and colonization from a Protestant point of view increasingly rejected and even execrated Thevet, who had, moreover, allied himself with the Guise faction.
Brophy goes on to write that for the Professor aeronautics was "the only achievement of his own century which he would compare with Mozart's music" (13), a statement that coincides beautifully with the opening lines of Brophy's essay "The Importance of Mozart's Operas" from her book Mozart the Dramatist (1964) where she writes, "Our century, which will surely be the most execrated in history (always provided it allows history to continue so that there is someone to execrate it) has this to its credit: it is recognising Mozart.
He duly described the extortion and corruption among government officials, bewailed the excessive taxation attributable largely to Tryon's gubernatorial administration, defended the character of Husband, and execrated that of Tryon, all in essence to celebrate the Regulation as a movement to correct the injustice and tyranny of British government as represented by Tryon and local officialdom.
Mysteriously, displeasure, since the victim for the "Great neither Venus nor Cupid Offering," also called does anything on her "the Accursed" is behalf, Venus from simultaneously offensive hostility and Cupid and pleasing to the gods, evidently because he has execrated and yet honored chosen Psyche for (Ch.
As his lurid e-mails to high school students were read out on the nightly news, he found himself execrated by Democrats and Republicans, GLBT rights activists, and religious conservatives alike.