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  • verb

Synonyms for execrate

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

to invoke evil or injury upon

Synonyms for execrate

find repugnant

Related Words

curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment

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Stiegler developed this provocative idea whilst engaging in critical dialogue with Plato, who himself execrated all <<hypomnemata>> as distracting (wo)man from real knowledge--which is for Plato to be found in the intuition and remembrance of things (<<anamnesis>>) that relied hidden somewhere deep in us, but that we had forgotten to possess.
Rather than extend the life of the Revolutionary Tribunal--now an execrated symbol of the Terror--the Convention resorted to a military commission to try the "last Montagnards" of Prairial.
And he demonstrates that the abdication of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in 1555/6 was admired, not execrated.
As a study of what a man becomes in an oppressive and intolerant society, Shylock was, again in Irving's words, "a representative of a race which generation after generation has been cruelly used, insulted, execrated.
Both party-movements execrated and denounced liberalism, democracy, and parliamentarianism as degradations of true politics, which would transcend any divisions through the establishment of perfect communities (classless or racially unified).
Similarly, apprehensive of Ahmedi community's surging influence in Kashmir, Afzal Haq, Ata ullah Shah Bokhari and Mazhar Ali Azhar execrated them with full force of their proverbial eloquence and evoked considerable response from the masses in support of their stand.
Compared to the figures in Pope's Dunciad in my discussion below, for example, even the execrated proper names in Shelley's poem resonate with the surplus of curses rather than the bathos of condescension.
Muslim minorities (9) could rarely claim effective citizenship in a Balkan Christian national state since they were associated with the execrated and, in most cases, now expelled Turks>> (1999: 54).
Una vendetta in domino: All bound together in faith by a pact, all burning with a single desire, we swear by our soul to God to sacrifice this execrated Duke (Ruler).
12) In sum, though women today regard the term patriarchy as an outdated bogey, cadres of feminist critics entrenched in academe brandish it as the execrated name of the common enemy.
Where, twenty-five years ago, his name was spoken only to be execrated, a just measure of his character and a profound respect for his lofty patriotism are spreading in the minds of men, and ere long the time will be when, in the pride of a common country, a common greatness and a common destiny, the people of the Southern States will thank all who aided to save them from slavery, disunion and political death.
When he was execrated by fellow scientists and the public, his intellectual vanity wouldn't allow him to stop.
He's being execrated, says the Asia Times, for suggesting the megalopolis needs a five per cent goods and services tax to stabilize government revenues, which normally depend on volatile land prices and corporate profits.
Professor Luzzatto begins with a terrible prefiguring of 1945's events: the 1920 description, by Mussolini himself, of a feral socialist-anarchist mob defiling a policeman's corpse in Milan's Piazzale Loreto, the same venue where he himself would be execrated a quarter of a century later.