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  • verb

Synonyms for execrate

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

to invoke evil or injury upon

Synonyms for execrate

find repugnant

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curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment

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And how shall I execrate, whom the Lord hath not execrated?
As time went on, free soilers and abolitionists came to see, understand, and execrate this modus vivendi (pp.
The ADL's campaign to execrate Mel Gibson and his film by libeling the Gospels and Christianity as being anti-Semitic is a calculated effort to undermine the goodwill of American Christians and to incite inter-communal hostility.
Brophy goes on to write that for the Professor aeronautics was "the only achievement of his own century which he would compare with Mozart's music" (13), a statement that coincides beautifully with the opening lines of Brophy's essay "The Importance of Mozart's Operas" from her book Mozart the Dramatist (1964) where she writes, "Our century, which will surely be the most execrated in history (always provided it allows history to continue so that there is someone to execrate it) has this to its credit: it is recognising Mozart.
77) But suppose that those who execrate abortion come to see their opposition as grounded in their interpretation of a detached value--the sacredness of human life--that abortion's defenders also recognize but conceive of differently.
Why did the followers who venerated a Jewish teacher, who held him to be the Jewish Messiah, both execrate and persecute his nation so long?
It is an odd belief, for it is neither Islamic (which emphasises personal responsibility on earth and execrates miracles and magic) nor is it indigenous to the area.
13) The connection strongly suggests that while the poet-critic would doubtless be foremost among those whom the later Baxter execrates as 'cheese-headed ladder climber[s]', it was Eliot who provided the basis of Baxter's juvenile critique of his grandfather, Professor Macmillan Brown: an unpublished poem in fact entitled 'Wisdom and Knowledge' (pp.
What the "authentic exponents" have been transmitting, in other words, is some version of a Party official's invention, a new combination of breathing, meditation, and gymnastics cleansed of what the Chinese Communist Party's doctrine execrates as superstition, but which occidentals tend to think of as ancient wisdom.
Her aestheticism opposes mimetic theories of representation and the dualities concocted in their name; execrates liberal/ moralistic cant in a style that is both a mask and a transmutation; cultivates a love of the movies for their brio in subverting cultural norms and fostering "newer modes of thought"; and is very much a partisan of the plural--it seeks to enact our erotic plural.
Nasr is not a fulsome or unbending apologist, He execrates Muslim terrorists.