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Synonyms for execrable

Synonyms for execrable

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

Synonyms for execrable

of very poor quality or condition

unequivocally detestable

deserving a curse


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19) Critics are fond of pointing to the FBI's excesses and operational failures, but FEMA has performed much more execrably the few times it has engaged in similar tasks.
Sandwiched between the execrably unfunny Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and, if the trailer's any indication, the sure to be even worse Pink Panther, Anand Tucker's bittersweet romantic comedy offers an increasingly fleeting reminder that Steve Martin can still make decent films.
As I find his better works diverting in concept and almost as execrably written as most science fiction, Carrere's biography kept inspiring the question, Why is a writer as brilliant as Carrere so insistent that a nerdy, narcissistic slob deserves all this attention?
The Americans played execrably for 45 minutes, and it was 2-0 at half.
Viscomi provides some rough statistics to drive home the point: "Typographic editions and reproductions of only about 20% of Blake's illuminated canon (40 or so of the 175 copies of the 19 illuminated books Blake produced between 1788 and 1827, when he died), reproduced sometimes well, sometimes execrably, but in no coherent historical order and insufficient detail to sustain scholarly and editorial research--this was the state of Blake studies when in 1993 the editors of the Blake Archive began to conceive of reproducing Blake digitally" (30-31).
In 1995, for example, Keith Jenkins explicitly attempted to displace the duo with a postmodernist challenge, the execrably written On "What is History?
Here, for example, having suffered reproduction on beer-mats, tea-towels, aprons, key-rings and toilet seat covers, Van Gogh's Sunflowers is execrably extrapolated into three dimensions in the form of a pair of automatic gates.
Such beliefs, though we may argue that they are execrably flawed, cannot be written off as simply "irrational" or "illogical"; for no matter how inconsistent they may be across individuals or historical epochs, they are, in fact, consistent and logical within each individual's conceptual framework.