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If you are over 65, have been on a jury within the last two years, are a member of the armed forces, medical profession or MP, you can be excused.
President Bush granted the excused absence in a memorandum he issued to all heads of executive departments and agencies in November 2003.
Rolon's attorney, Edward Murphy, said there was a constitutional basis for every prospective juror that he excused.
For example, New York courts have not excused performance where blizzards, the inability to obtain federal funding or the closing of a business due to substantial financial losses have prevented parties from fulfilling their contractual obligations.
5) Although there are lots of variations on the theme, these writers generally take the position that justified actions are not wrongful, whereas excused conduct is wrongful behavior that is exempt from punishment either because the actor's characteristics or the circumstances in which he or she acted render that conduct not culpable.
You may also be excused if you're a nurse, midwife or dentist.
It argued, among other things, that the ill health of the partner largely responsible for generating the firm's revenue excused it from paying.
A bill prefiled in Kentucky would let mothers caring for young children be excused from jury duty.
Justin says: Unless someone is disgualified, has the right to be excused or has a valid reason for discretionary excusal, then they must attend for jury service.
If they have a legitimate reason for not appearing, they can let us know and they can be excused.
The fourth and last reason that insanity will not do is that, in some cases, advocates claim that the syndrome suffering defendants' conduct should be justified, rather than excused, and the insanity defense is clearly an excuse.
When is a contractor legally excused from performing its contract with an owner?
The court does and has always excused individuals from jury service for many reasons, including transportation, medical, child or elder care, and financial issues.
I don't want this to effect my job, and would like to know if I have to goJustin says: Unless someone is disqualified, has the right to be excused or has a valid reason for discretionary excusal then they must attend for jury service.
The guy will smile nervously, ask if he can be excused to go to the bathroom and then never return because he has escaped through the service entrance and is currently boarding the next plane to Buenos Aires.