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Synonyms for excusably

in an excusable manner or to an excusable degree

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For a debacle of the two-thirds majority to happen in the Parliament, it was enough for one of the MPs to be sick, one of them to miss his flight and the third to be excusably absent, comments Olivera Vojnovska from Utrinski vesnik since the government failed to adopt the Law on State Administration.
Whether a particular lie is excusably or not, whether it is inconsequential or not (as a cause of unlawful harm), depends on the particulars of the case.
Whatever human sacrifice entailed in the Idea of Israel--expulsion, spoliation, massacres, enslavement--are all excusably worth every life lost and every drop of blood spilled.
Major's accomplishment is to have scrubbed the work clean of "period charm" and left intact a stageful of deliciously human, carefully (but never cautiously) limned men and women, behaving like real people (or, perhaps, excusably theatrical heightenings thereof) rather than caricatured mannequins decked out in the heights-to-depths of Elizabethan fashion.
I prefer to think that her provocative slogan was a calculated indulgence in rhetorical excess or, less excusably, a product of careless disregard for the precise meanings of words.
Of an occasional slip in holding our equally strict standards we might excusably therefore be more tolerant ourselves and expect friends to be--especially as we have no material or moral interest in incurring the reproach of pedantry by exercising a censorship over what the Time Spirit not only accepts but calls for.
23) All the examples concern a clear rule of dharma that is excusably transgressed by a god or great sage.
We learn that Sunday got its name from the Babylonians, based on some excusably faulty astronomy and a desire to connect changes in the calendar--hours, days, weeks, seasons--to the travels of the planets.