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Synonyms for excursionist

one who travels for pleasure

Synonyms for excursionist

a tourist who is visiting sights of interest

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16) That year, Cook fully expected Rome to be declared the capital of Italy, as he wrote in an 1870 article in Cook' s Excursionist and Home and Foreign Tourist Advertiser:
During the 1940s and 1950s there were groups of people in Leningrad who pursued many of the preservationist and excursionist activities and wrote guidebooks.
Tourists had a choice of fares and routes (all listed in the Excursionist, the firm's monthly newspaper).
Ascending the mile and a half to the top of Mine Hill, the first author (William Wells, who visited and wrote in 1857) deployed the language of the genteel excursionist to describe the view from the road, which wound "romantically up a gentle ascent," with "picturesque" vistas of the valley to the west.
Cook, the first man to organise tourism on a professional basis also founded The Excursionist, the first travel magazine ever published.
This suggestion recalls my youth, it quickens my memory, it stirs my heart as I turn back to similar scenes in my own past when I was the pale though powerful excursionist on those storied steeps.
In each episode, Devgun escorts viewers through a fascinating city, introducing them to the most exclusive hot spots, best-kept-secrets, posh shops, unrivaled local cuisine and lavish accommodations appealing to the independently-minded and curious excursionist.
The renovated space has transformed the facilities into modern vestibules appropriate for Carnival's excursionist clientele.
If he ever visited Sicily, the island of his agrarian fancies, he did so only as an excursionist.
Like his cockney excursionist in Vanity Fair, Thackeray is 'a lover of human nature rather than of prospects of any kind'.
ISLAMABAD -- The tourist hill spot of Ayubia, perched at a height of about 8,000 feet and a virtual paradise for summer-weary excursionists in particular, has temporarily closed its Jewel in the Crown attraction.
Bringing in the Sheaves: The Harvest Excursionists, 1890-1928.
Significantly, this ontological disorder is provoked when the excursionists inhabit the landscape, so to speak, when, that is, they are portrayed as encountering actual plants, trees, and earth rather than viewing them from afar.
Steam boats dropped excursionists off on the Island from the early decades ofthe 19th century.
After an incredible day of traveling through the wilderness led by a team of huskies, excursionists will camp under the stars and hear firsthand how DeeDee became the fastest woman to ever compete in the famed Iditarod dogsled race.