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clearing of guilt or blame

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The government claimed it had no exculpatory material," Powell writes, and "Judge [Ewing] Werlein routinely denied the defense motions or simply ignored them.
Maryland decision to turn over exculpatory evidence so that the trial will be fair.
being known to the police or having a mug shot), the expert panel involved in the study noted that this may bias police and prosecutors into prematurely narrowing the focus and ignoring potentially exculpatory evidence (e.
Prosecution witnesses also conceded in their testimony that potentially exculpatory documents were missing from the credit union's records.
Wood has made substantial exculpatory statements concerning the defendant's alleged role in the so-called conspiracy.
Ruto's trial had been due to begin on May 28, but his lawyers say that late disclosure of potentially exculpatory evidence by the prosecutor had made it impossible for them to prepare his defence in time.
First, this article presents the details behind the two evidentiary problems of disclosure: that of exculpatory confidential information and that of the identities of the prosecutor's intermediaries.
It quoted him as denying any insults to the Imam, saying, "I am just as critical of Islam as I am of Judaism and Christianity," hardly likely to be seen as an exculpatory remark in the eyes of the Shia hierarchy.
No physical evidence linking the men to the guard's murder has ever been found; potentially exculpatory DNA evidence has been lost; and the convictions were based on questionable inmate testimony," he added in a statement to Gulf News.
3) Brady recognized a seminal constitutional duty for prosecutors to provide defendants with exculpatory and material evidence in their possession, which ran on the idealistic notion of justice over victory; however, the actual application lacked the practicality originally expected.
After McAfee produced previously undisclosed exculpatory emails during trial, the jury acquitted Roberts of two charges.
Brady" and "Brady material" refer to the holding of the Brady case and the numerous state and federal cases that interpret its requirement that the prosecution disclose material exculpatory evidence to the defense.
There are too many stories of convictions obtained through subornation of perjury, through suppression of exculpatory evidence, and through the willful use of unreliable, wrongfully obtained confessions.
The ICC has held that the accused does not have a right to exculpatory materials in a language he or she understands.
Mr Hurtig said: "I have been briefly allowed to see other exculpatory evidence but I have not been permitted to make copies to show my client.