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Synonyms for exculpation

a freeing or clearing from accusation or guilt

Synonyms for exculpation

a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.

the act of freeing from guilt or blame

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None of the rationales for this ongoing status exculpation are sufficient in light of the social science literature on corporal punishment's extensive harms.
operating agreements for waivers or liability exculpations of
Of further benefit to those covered by exculpatory provisions, North Carolina allows exculpation of liability stemming from "third-party actions as well as direct or derivative corporate actions.
Lastly, both Williams's and Wodda and Panfil's studies likewise explore the implications of victims' gender roles and identities for the possible exculpation of offenders.
AUDIENCE MEMBER: What about the person taking the video in terms of retaliation, in terms of exculpation because there has been recently issues of persons taking videos and their retaliation by various different entities, governmental entities, and how does it protect them from these entities and how does that play out with exculpation.
Wolf s exculpation of bankers is even harder to understand given continuing evidence of the kind of shortsightedness and greed so prevalent in the run-up to the crisis.
Careful exegesis of the idiomatic phrase had shown it to be a cry of exculpation resembling Pilate's claim of innocence "of this man's blood" (v.
As a practical matter, for defendants not eligible for exculpation (e.
However, Article 33 may be consistent with customary international law insofar as it grounds exculpation on a broader lack of culpability than that associated strictly with obedience to superior orders.
This shift is structural, and is accomplished in three primary ways: explicitly separating out standards of conduct from standards of liability, (39) limiting monetary recovery to a category of breach referred to as director conflicting interest transactions, (40) reversing the presumption against exculpation to one in favor of exculpation, (41) and revising the procedure for bringing shareholder derivative suits.
Nobody argues that committing genocide is all right because it's so hard not to , or because the victims obstreperously refuse to leave or keep getting in the way; whereas whenever civilians turn up dead in a place of conflict, this is just the susurrus of exculpation you hear.
12) Thus, the already weak fiduciary standards are further undermined by the adoption of exculpation clauses in corporate governing documents.
The devil made me do it'' is no longer an exculpation.
Seeking exculpation for his transgressive behavior, Mariani turns inward with profound imagery and thought.