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  • verb

Synonyms for exculpate

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

Synonyms for exculpate

pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

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Before turning to the merits of the sale process, the court considered whether Rural Metro's exculpatory charter provision --modeled after Section 102(b)(7) of the DGCL, which exculpates directors from liability for breaches of the fiduciary duty of care--precludes liability for aiding and abetting a breach of fiduciary duty.
against a third-party violator, or does not want to exculpate the
The minister is already under pressure from another lawmaker, Nabeel Al Fahdl, to exculpate himself from US charges of tolerating fundraising for terrorists in Syria.
not fully waive or exculpate liability arising from breach of fiduciary
Part II of the book--"Youth on the Margins"--shares the perilous realities that many underserved and under-resourced students face, especially in terms of police brutality, homicide, and "zero-tolerance" school policies that blame the victim and exculpate the oppressive systems that maintain societal and scholastic status quos.
We see Britain being rushed into hysteria by those seeking to exculpate police inaction and, it must be said, a good few possibly leaping aboard the compensation gravy train.
Offences of absolute liability where it is not open to the accused to exculpate himself by showing that he was free of fault.
COUNCILLOR Hilary Franks, in one of what I suspect has been a series of orchestrated letters from her colleagues, seeking to exculpate her council from responsibility for the tough decisions it is having to make, plays the old card of criticising 'outsiders' who, she claims, should look to the benefits they receive from Newcastle's cultural services whilst not being contributors by way of council taxes (Views of the North, December 26).
Despite a letter sent from you recently before this sentencing you have shown no remorse at all and your sole concern has been to try to exculpate yourself.
The Government, rather than trying to exculpate themselves for any responsibility for the high and rising unemployment figures, should be and should have been responding to these factors - mitigating the effect, eg, by further quantitative easing, a pounds 50bn injection could be used to cover the pounds 44bn cost of this year's interest on government debt; pounds 2bn for defence; pounds 2bn on education support and pounds 2bn for affordable housing.
Does 'collateral damage' in any way exculpate the guilty for the killing of the innocent, the women and children who happen to be next to the terrorist suspect and are obliterated with him?
One theory regarding why many people are sanguine about the use of the insanity plea to exculpate felons is that only a tiny number of citizens directly are affected by such miscarriages of justice.
Practice guidelines are double-edged swords, as they may be used in some jurisdictions either to exculpate or inculpate, i.
It clearly demonstrates the inadequacy of responses that try to exculpate the church from involvement ("it was the work of individuals who did not truly represent the church") but also shows the inadequacy of simply blaming religion, as if that in itself was an explanation of why things happened as they did.
By equating globalization with Americanization, Europeans score two goals with one kick: First, those that really worry--rightfully --about the ills of this globalization exculpate their conscience by not having to ponder the fact that European companies and countries have been equal agents in this process of capitalism as have their American competitors and the United States.