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Synonyms for excruciate

Synonyms for excruciate

torment emotionally or mentally

subject to torture

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The answer seems to be clear: It is because the terrorists want more people to see the photos and make their violence and excruciation a public spectacle so as to produce an atmosphere of terror.
Whatever the intentions of the media which publish these photos are, they all actually make the excruciation images a public spectacle.
It is not the fault of technique that excruciation has become a public scene again, but photographing technology has ignited and cultivated people's desire of watching.
Lu Xun was not touched only by the content of the images, but more importantly, by the new display mode of the content--the new media: the photos of excruciation by the terrorists (we are not able to make the experiment: ask Lu Xun to watch the images and read a passage with the same content as well and then analyze his reaction).