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in a very painful manner

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For Sharon Mills, the pace of change has been excruciatingly slow.
Lohan's dependency on cue cards became excruciatingly clear during a long soliloquy," wrote Entertainment Weekly's Darren Franich on his blog.
Game Four in Dallas was another excruciatingly close game, as the final score came down to the last possession.
BACK in the innocent 1980s, I remember being truly baffled as to how Leroy, from the TV series Fame, was able to perform his trademark mid-air splits in what appeared to be a pair of excruciatingly tight jeans.
Even in the midst of these excruciatingly challenging economic times the numbers of children attending our activities grows and grows.
However, I would like to point out that one literally has to go through an obstacle course complete with barricades, slopes, dirt, not to mention the excruciatingly long stop at the traffic junction in order to cross over into the BFH or head back to the Manama suq.
thereafter, the same love excruciatingly granted The right to migrate
Inmates in a high-security prison in eastern Cuba alleging that guards punish infractions with beatings and handcuffings in excruciatingly painful positions known as the "rocker" and "Shakira," reports El Nuevo Herald.
It was excruciatingly horrible" - TV cook Clarissa Dickson Wright on sampling a Western Isles delicacy, boiled gannet.
ME, GIRLS / AT the end of C4's excruciatingly dire When Women Rule The World, one of the male servants is "sacrificed" to the sea.
Eczema is excruciatingly painful, causing itchiness and weeping.
Forsythe distorts the meaning of choreography and his scores are often excruciatingly painful to listen to.
The first section, dealing with Jarred's desert home and companions, moves at an excruciatingly slow pace, and Dart-Thornton's overly ornate language both contributes to the pace and may prove an obstacle for some readers.
The first edition of the 'Grumbling Grammarian' received praise from The New York Times and many others--and here is a deluxe edition to enjoy of Robert Hartwell Fiske's THE DICTIONARY OF DISAGREEABLE ENGLISH: A CURMUDGEON'S COMPENDIUM OF EXCRUCIATINGLY CORRECT GRAMMAR (1562974187 $19.
Kind of excruciatingly personal'' is the phrase actor-singer Loudon Wainwright III uses to describe Gray's work.