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of, relating to, or tending to eliminate

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To determine whether broadcast material is in fact indecent, the Commission must make two fundamental determinations: (1) that the material alleged to be indecent falls within the subject matter scope of the definition of indecency--the material in question must describe or depict sexual or excretory organs or activities; and (2) that the broadcast is patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium.
Even small increases in circulating AVP levels markedly reduce the maximal kidney excretory capacity (51), thus increasing the propensity to retain ingested fluids even when rates of drinking do not exceed 800-1,000 mL/h.
Instead, the FCC mostly is obsessed with sex, nudity, and what could be labeled schoolyard fun and games (making comments and demonstrations about those excretory organs that produce odd noises and smells).
Code defines indecency as "language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory organs and activities.
Since squamous differentiation is present, excretory ducts have also been implicated as the site of origin.
A comparison of noncontrast computerized tomography with excretory urography in the assessment of acute flank pain.
But the commission's definition--descriptions or depictions of sexual or excretory organs or activities presented in a way that is patently offensive, based on contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium--is not easy to apply.
It performs important excretory and digestive functions, but is perhaps more commonly known for the detoxification of harmful chemicals.
Her graphic accounts include "the casual excretory habits of the courtiers" and Samuel Pepys' consternation when the night-soil men "slopped their way through [his] house" to recover a neighbor's waste which had backed up through his own cess-pit.
That is, even though Jim has helped to "cure" Arvay's seizures with a "joke" (32), her compulsion to convulse will play out as a psychological angst, occasioned by the abjection of her body in the form of excretory anxiety and childbirth.
We study the basic mechanisms that drive xenobiotic transport in excretory epithelia (kidney, liver) and barrier tissues (blood-brain barrier, choroid plexus, gut).
Rather, online invective endlessly recycles body parts, excretory products, and knee-jerk repulsiveness (like maggots).
The fact that The Star Factory is more autobiographical than fictional is a major difference from Joyce's novel; Carson does, however, make use of many Joycean techniques, such as bilingual punning and catalogues of names ("Sometimes I am in religious awe of the power of names"), describing excretory functions in detail, and quoting at length from newspapers or books, with special fondness for dictionaries ("Chambers's entry for spunk is worth quoting in full").
Excretory system asymmetrical, confined to left lateral chord.
To get back to Coach Ed Smart's request for specific foods to eat on the day of the game, I would start with a don't: Make sure to avoid foods that will cause bloating, constipation, gas, or that will irritate the digestive and excretory systems.