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of, relating to, or tending to eliminate

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A computed tomography scan at the excretory phase showing contrast in the scrotum.
He pointed out that the excretory system differs from that of known microchaetids: 'Auch von den Nephridien sind nur noch Spuren vorhanden.
It is believed to be derived from intra- and interlobular excretory ducts.
The final acquisition is during the excretory phase after a 12- to 15-min delay, when there is opacification and distention of the collecting systems, ureters, and bladder.
Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit defined broadcast indecency as "language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory organs or activities.
From there, instead of following the textbook-designated route--exiting the body via excretory pathways such as kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin--they follow this route only partially and tend to redistribute metals throughout the body, redepositing them either into the same or different organs and tissues.
of Hamburg, Germany) applies new phylogenetic knowledge from fields such as molecular genetics and developmental biology in order to derive an account of the evolution of animal organ systems, offering individual accounts of general body organization, integument, musculature, nervous system, sensory organs, body cavities, excretory systems, circulatory systems, respiratory systems, intestinal systems, reproductive organs, and gametes (spermatozoa).
In reviewing the lawsuit filed by Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC, the appeals court disagreed with the FCC that the mere utterance of certain words implied that sexual or excretory acts were carried out and therefore violated the indecency rules.
Iodine is absorbed in the small intestine and then enters either the excretory or metabolic pathways.
FCC guidelines say that a television or radio broadcast will be found indecent if it, first, describes sexual or excretory organs or activities and, second, broadcasts material patently offensive as measured by a national standard.
Malevich painted bad social realism under Stalin, Rauschenberg is better known for "Combines," and Manzoni moved from achromes to more explicitly excretory art productions.
I was covered with a wrap consisting of extracts of menthol and camphor, which works to drop the body's temperature and pump the circulation in the local area, forcing toxins out through the circulatory and excretory systems.
A central excretory bladder (small arrow) and more peripheral cecum (large arrow) were present.
Giebultowicz of Oregon State University in Corvallis and her colleagues have found biological clocks in the testes of moths and in the fruit fly's Malpighian tubules, excretory organs similar to kidneys.