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The results of this research revealed that the excreted purine derivatives in the urine included allantoin and uric acids where allantoin was 88% and uric acid, 12% of the total excreted purine derivatives (mmol/day).
If permitted to climb to the rim of their vial the spiders readily excreted from there as well, exhibiting the same behavior as seen on the petals and leaves (D.
Although there are no data, the drugs are probably excreted into milk, and women on these agents should not breast-feed because of the potential toxicity, such as tumors, in their infants.
We first checked the masses of the ions from the compounds (GP-D2) that are abnormally excreted in the urine of patients with [alpha]-NAGA deficiency (4-6).
Individual scientists within the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been concerned about this problem for a decade, but so far the FDA has taken the official position that excreted drugs are not a problem because the concentrations found in the environment are usually below one part per billion (ppb).
EDTA, a solution administered intravenously, bonds with the lead in bone and clears it from body compartments so that it is excreted through the urine.
At therapeutic concentrations in vitro, SANCTURA does not interact with drugs metabolized by the Cytochrome P-450 system, a metabolic pathway commonly associated with drug-drug interactions, and it is excreted largely unchanged in the urine.
Certain proteins excreted in urine can indicate the presence of gastric cancer, reveals a study published Feb.
The 18-month-old infant excreted a final nail on June 18 and a subsequent X-ray showed no more nails in her body, revealed Shen Zhijun, a doctor at the Children's Hospital of Yulin city, in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, the Xinhua reported.
But the imaging data also revealed that the tubes weren't excreted quickly from the body, and remained in particular in the liver and spleen.
To find out how deltamethrin is distributed, absorbed, and excreted, and how it affects human DNA, researchers at the Universidad Autonoma in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, tracked 32 Mexican children aged 3-12 years before and after their homes were sprayed with deltamethrin [EHP 113:782-786].
Overall, 46 of the 91 patients with radiologically confirmed or suspected small bowel stricture who ingested the Patency Capsule excreted the capsule intact.
You see, we've known for years that more than three grams of aspirin a day causes uric acid to be excreted from the kidneys.
Once the metabolic pathways are saturated, excess nutrients either accumulate in the tissues or are excreted (depending on whether they are fat or water soluble).